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Infographic: Engagement Rings 101

Planning a wedding is exciting—but for most couples, it’s also totally new territory. From buying the engagement ring to saying “I do”, the details of engagements and weddings are intricate and, yes, a little intimidating for those not in-the-know.

As a wedding planner, a major part of your job involves dealing with the logistics of venues, vendors, contracts, and timelines. But that’s not all—you’re also there to help guide your clients through the wonderful world of wedding planning, one demystified step at a time!

And this doesn’t only apply to your clients. Your website, blog, and social media profiles are the perfect place to attract new visitors—and gain new leads—by sharing resources and tips. Not sure where to start? Well, how about at the beginning—with the engagement ring, of course! Share this infographic on your website, blog, or social media profiles to get your readers and soon-to-be clients off on the right foot for their wedding planning journey.

Engagement ring buying guide

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