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Creating a WOW Wedding Portfolio

QC tutor Regina Osgood is the owner and creative director of Meant2Be events, a top Arizona wedding planning firm that manages over 250 weddings a year.

Sometimes one of the hardest parts of starting your event planning business is gaining the portfolio that will showcase your experience and skills to your potential clients.

Your portfolio is your story. It should captivate your potential client while being broad enough not to turn a valuable experience away.

But how do you get started on a visual representation without the experience of several events under your belt? There are two strategies I’ve showcased here. Let me explain!

Offer services to friends and family

tablescape for wedding portfolio
Photography: Half Full Photography

First, yes you can offer to do services for friends and family in exchange for use of their photos and testimony. Be mindful that we still would recommend that you get the images from the photographer, not your honored guests. Often your couple will only have access to a lower resolution quality and/or will have the photographer’s watermarks. While you should always give the photographer credit, having their watermark blasted all over the image is not a professional look.

Be mindful of the focus of your services. Do not include photographs from other types of events you’ve plan if they’re not part of your business. For instance, don’t feature photos from corporate events and children’s parties. Stay focused on selling the benefits of your wedding planning services.

Organize a styled shoot

dessert table wedding portfolio
Photography: Half Full Photography

Next, consider organizing photo shoots. This photo shoot could be of a mock wedding, including the reception table, decorations, and the cake. This is a chance to show off your familiarity with the hottest wedding trends and your attention to detail. Think about everything—and I mean everything! Stationary to cake toppers, dress belts to napkin enhancements. The more details the better!

Often there are other newer vendors also wanting to showcase their talents who are eager to help. Offer to give them referrals in exchange for contributing to your mock wedding. However, be mindful that the big names in your area get asked to participate in photo shoots all the time. I cannot tell you how many shoots we get asked to do a year. It really is astounding! Part of the benefit of doing a shoot is the opportunity to gain a new relationship, not just to showcase your work. So understand that everyone’s time is valuable.

Get your work published

reception wedding portfolio
Photography: Half Full Photography

For the ultimate exposure, do some research into upcoming trends and submit your photos from your shoot for publications. Many online opportunities exist if you do your homework. Now you not only get show off your abilities on your website, but you can showcase the ever important “as seen in…” logo, giving you instant credibility!

The guaranteed way to get published is by purchasing advertising in local magazines and online. While not everyone has the budget initially, it’s good to get the info so you can plan your marketing strategies for the future!

And don’t forget—bring your portfolio to your first meetings with potential clients and wedding vendors whom you want to add to your network. And don’t be afraid to brag a little about the fabulous benefits your clients get when they hire you to plan their weddings. No one will value your talents unless you do!

So, are you ready to get your event planning portfolio started? Learn more about organizing a styled shoot!

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    Laurie Van Buskirk says:

    This was very helpful and will help my niece and I develop a good portfolio.

    Kalila Silva says:

    This such an informative blog post! Absolutely will be using this helpful suggestions in the early stages of my business!

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