Spring Awakening Event Contest—Winner Revealed!

It’s time to announce the winner of the Spring Awakening Event Contest!

But first, we would like to extend a huge “THANK YOU” to all our participants, the semi-finalists, finalists, and our judge!

This year, our wonderful judge—Athena DeVonne—created a personalized scorecard for each finalist to determine our overall winner!

The Scorecard:

Take a look at what Athena was scoring on:

  • Color Scheme: Do the colors work together seamlessly with one another? Does the color scheme match/work with the selected theme?
  • Theme Clarity: Do the chosen design items depict a clear representation of the selected theme? Are the items in the chosen color scheme? Is there a clear understanding of the theme?
  • Design Board Layout: Is the board constructed with a clear and concise message as to how the items relate to the theme? Can all items be seen free of too much overlapping?
  • Mixed Media: Does the vision board consist of items that create texture, dimension, and depth to further carryout the selected theme? Or are all the items of one medium?
  • Inspiration: At first glance does the vision board inspire you? Are you excited about it? Does it seem the entrant had fun putting the board together?

Read on for Athena’s evaluations of each inspiration board and find out who is our grand prize winner!

Ashley Fini

Ashley Fini Inspiration Board

Color Scheme: Colors chosen are the colors of nature and work in harmony with this inspiration board.

Theme Clarity: The name Spring Blossom wedding directly correlates with the chosen floral elements of trees blossoming in the Spring. The florals in this board are also arranged in a natural exposed way very a tight bundle which also represents the theme. Each picture depicts a natural element from the background, attire colors, napkin material, cake display table and décor elements on the cake, the table and even the clear glass. I love the use of clear glass for it represents the clear sky as well as allows you to see the natural beauty of other elements.

Design Board Layout: I appreciate this layout. I can visually see the details in every picture, the colors are vibrant and pictures are clear. I see pictures were chosen to highlight something specific, so it allows my eyes to focus and connect all the pictures together into a seamless design. I see the attire of the groom and bridal party, the cake display, reception table, centerpieces, sweetheart table and the venue setting.

Mixed Media: Due to the angles and focal points of the individual photos it creates depth and dimensions. The soft tones of the décor mixed with the neutral colors of the wood and scenery create a beautiful texture. The quantity of photos is good. Enough to create a visual idea of a wedding theme.

Inspiration: The board is beautiful. It depicts a clear and concise wedding theme.

Taylor Schofield

Taylor Schofield

Color Scheme: I love how the actual color scheme is displayed in this board. Makes it so much easier to see how well the theme is carried out. I can find every color displayed in elements throughout the board. The colors also work together creating a combination of natural and pop!

Theme Clarity: From the lanterns, French doors, mason jars, burlap, vintage suitcase, florals to then laid back attire and display of wood; this board clearly showcases the Hello Spring Flowers theme. Florals are not lacking at all. You see them in the bouquets, bride’s hair, the ceremony aisle, on the cake, in 3 centerpiece designs, on the French doors, the favors, the boutonnieres, and the invitations. Great way to carry out the theme with the 4 chosen colors. The more elements you have, the more chance to include all the colors.

Design Board Layout: Although there are multiple photos, the layout is easy to the eyes. The slight overlapping does not take away from any of the photos. I can see the detail and focus in each and every photo. The relationship of the items, to the colors, to the story of the theme are excellent. This board covers the ceremony, reception, bridal party, bride and groom, favors, guestbook, bouquets, cake, signage, attire, plate setting, and invitations. This is a full vision board depicting a full wedding. Love it!

Mixed Media: As mentioned earlier, adding the actual color scheme is the bonus. It is a vital item when showcasing a complete design. It allows you to see how the colors are used in texture and elements. This board displays texture through the table linens, florals, the groomsmen suspenders, the satin shoes, and all the wood elements from the table, signage, cake stand and French Doors. Dimensions and depth are created with the French door entry way, suitcase guestbook, and the lantern centerpieces. In addition, the painted mason jar represents fun and the laid back feel of this wedding.

Inspiration: Most definitely inspirational. Since this board shows a full wedding it is a great vision for a bride to see for her own wedding. All the detailed elements create one big picture called a wedding. This had to be fun for Taylor. The best part is that she took photos from different weddings but still made them work together as if it were one wedding. Now that is creativity!

Jana Rut Magnusdottir

Jana Rut Magnusdottir

Color Scheme: The colors do work together. Seems like shades of coral, pinks, purple, yellow and green. Very vibrant color scheme. This is more so spring turning into summer with the hue of the chosen colors.

Theme Clarity: The theme is a little mixed. There are elements representing a movie theme, garden theme, springtime fun and rustic elegance. Out of the 4 themes I can see 3 tie into the “Its Spring Time” theme. It’s always great to have elements that can be used for more than one theme, however in a vision board you want to depict one concise theme.

Design Board Layout: The layout is great. Nothing overlaps and every photo can be seen. The colors are depicted throughout the board and each photo seems to carry out the color scheme as well with elements of vibrant springtime fun! Love the inclusion of the lemonade with the grapefruit! That says springtime for sure.

Mixed Media: I love how this board included fun elements like the sparklers, lemonade, basket of flower petals to be thrown, the swing and the little hearts going down the aisle. The texture is seen through the florals, invitations, and the music sheet cones holding the flower petals. And I enjoy the depth of movement the swing and sparklers create.

Inspiration: At first glance this board is very fun and vibrant. It has many directions of themes, and more so elements vs telling a wedding story. The pictures are fun so I’m sure Jana was in a very fun/good mood when creating this board!

Korin Peltier

Korin Peltier

Color Scheme: Beautiful color scheme. I love the use of blues with a touch of purple. More so a very late afternoon/early evening weddings, as the sun begins to descend. The use of the succulents in the photos directly correlates with the Spring Succulent theme.

Theme Clarity: As mentioned, the use of the succulents is excellent. They are used in the plate setting, invitations and the favors. Not too much and not too little. I love the risk Korin took with using darker colors and hues for a spring theme. The focus is more so on the elements vs colors. This depicts true creativity.

Design Board Layout: Although the photos overlap, each photo is a full portrait so it’s clear to see the focus. The layout displays the ceremony, place setting, cake, bride and groom attire, the bridesmaid, bouquets and boutonniere, favors and invitation. Very good job touching various wedding elements.

Mixed Media: The use of succulents immediately brings texture, depth and dimension to this board. They are just elegant and beautiful at the same time, as well as being considered a natural element. I love the naked cake, the ceremony draping extended length and the darker colors and hues. The colors are what really make this theme!

Inspiration: I love what Korin did here because creativity is the best source of design. She took a risk with darker colors and hues and was very successful with her vision board. I would have done something risky as well. True designer move because it took time, contemplation and execution.

Biance Hooper—Winner!

Bianca Hooper

Color Scheme: Oh I LOVE LOVE this color scheme. It’s spring for sure but also romantically fun! Love and spring go hand in hand so this board is a great representation of the chosen Hello Spring Theme.

Theme Clarity: I love how all the florals are being used! So romantic with the floral backdrop, the floral garland, the ceremony aisle filled with flower petals, the flowers popping out of the drawers, the florals on the shoes, the nails, the perfume and OMG on the dress!! The fun is depicted in the naked cake, shoes, floral headpiece, flowers on the dress, the nails, the chair cover and of course the photo backdrop! This vision board clearly depicts a Hello Spring theme with the addition of romance and fun!

Design Board Layout: The layout is perfect. I can see every photo. What I love best is Bianca broke up the photos with white space. The perfume and lipstick, the board theme, the shoe, butterflies and color scheme all have white space. Great structure!

Mixed Media: Oh my goodness all I see is texture in the use and functionality of the florals, and the colors! I love the balance of vibrant and dark! I can’t get enough of the dresser with the florals popping out, the draping florals, the fun nails and the floral dress. There is texture, dimensions and depth in every single photo on this vision board.

Inspiration: I am soo inspired by Bianca’s vision board!! It’s so romantic, fun, awe striking and full of unexpected elements. Love love love!!!! The elements are superb, the colors are motivational and the layout is perfect. Bianca had to have fun with this because I am having fun looking at it.

Congratulations, Bianca! You are the winner of QC Event School’s Spring Awakening Event Contest and have earned the grand prize pack!

Thank you again to all our participants and to Athena for her wonderful feedback on these incredible inspiration boards!

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