Event Decor Series: It’s All in the Details

If your clients are looking to amp up their event decor, they don’t need to go big or go home. It’s all in the details!

Having unique decor accents that go hand-in-hand with an event’s theme adds visual interest to any space—without the premium price tag. As an event planner, your clients trust you to pull together all the main decor pieces to make their event visually stunning. Whether it’s a product launch for a major company or an intimate country wedding, personalization comes from the details.

Looking for something outside-the-box? These often-overlooked decor elements can make any event memorable.

Fabric pieces

fabric decor

Nothing dresses up an event better than the use of fabric pieces in the decor. As our last post in the event decor series mentioned, sheer curtains can be placed in front of lights to soften the glow and create an intimate atmosphere. If you’re planning an outdoor event, you can do something low-key like draping fabric on the chairs, or go big and use fabric to create a large canopy over the dining tables like this couple did.

Bathroom signage

Rename restrooms to suit the theme. An example would be using Marlin and Dory from Finding Nemo to indicate male and female washrooms at a children’s birthday party. Keep it fun and playful… but still clearly marked and distinguishable for those who may not be familiar with the event’s theme!

Seat cushions and pillows

If your clients are aiming for a more comfortable set-up for their event, adding seat cushions with a colorful pattern can be an easy way to jazz up the seating area. Decorative pillows are just as great if your clients want to have comfortable lounging areas. Don’t underestimate the power of some fun cushions. They can complement a bare-bones table to make way for what’s really important—the food!


customized menu

You can expect food at a fancy event to taste amazing, so why can’t the menus look just as good? Customized menus are another canvas for imagination and can round out the eating experience for the guests. For something subtle, just use the names of the bride and groom at the top of the menu.

The food

While we’re talking about menus, why not go one step further and customize the food, too? It may be easier just to accept the pre-curated menu offered, but you’d be missing out on a great opportunity to incorporate the theme. These days, pre-determined menus may not be able to offer options that completely accommodate everyone’s lifestyle.

We’re not saying to use a photo cake featuring your client’s favorite superhero at a wedding, but it is possible to add little touches to food to suit the theme of the event. For instance, why not work on creating a new fusion dish to combine the culinary backgrounds of a multicultural couple? Or how about a custom dessert for a corporate party created in the brand’s own colors?


mural painting

We’re tired of seeing the same tired photo booths featuring a generic sunset or beach. Spice up the backdrop by bringing in a custom-made mural. This is a great opportunity to promote local art and it will be completely customizable to your event’s needs. For something truly out of this world, why not have the local artist do the entire mural live in front of the guests? They’ll get to see all of the artist’s skill and watch the work come to life in real time. At the end of the event, your clients will also have a personalized mural to be displayed at the office or a commemorative piece for their home.

Table place cards

It’s hard to mess up place cards. You’ve got some choices—should you go with the highly popular Helvetica font or some fancy cursive for added elegance? But you may not have thought about changing the medium of the cards themselves! Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and clean, but there are times when some pizazz can really impress guests and take the event to the next level. If you’re planning a beach-side event, why not use customized shells as place cards or this Etsy seller’s custom-made Brazilian agate place cards?

Charging station

cell phone users

In our increasingly connected world, you can expect attendees to be whipping out their phones during the event. If you’re planning a conference or corporate event, having a charging station is a must. Guests will be able to use their phone to Tweet, snap photos, or make business calls that will all indirectly help your clients market their brand.

A tangle of wires at a badly set-up charging station can disrupt the flow of the space. Make sure that everything is neat and tidy, and maybe even add some color to the stations to match the theme.

Is making your own event decor worth the hassle? Here’s our answer to the million dollar question, to DIY or not to DIY?

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