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Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Wedding Jargon?

You may have your event planner certification but are you really a pro? Clients are relying on your expertise when you plan an event for them—what’s more impressive than casually dropping esoteric wedding lingo during a conversation?

Familiarizing yourself with wedding lingo doesn’t just make you seem like an event-planning genius, though. It can also help you be more specific when ordering bouquets or wedding cakes, and allow you to communicate more effectively with the event staff and vendors prior to and during the wedding.

Take our quiz to find out if you’re deserving of the “event planning guru” title, or if it’s time for a little bit of review!

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Did any of these questions stump you? Share your score in the comments!

One response to “Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Wedding Jargon?”

    Camasha says:

    11 out of 11 What fun!

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