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You’ve perfected your style. You know how to plan any kind of event down to the very last detail. Now what? How do you continue to grow as an event planner?

As a business owner, your work goes far beyond wedding planning and décor. Whether you are an event planner looking to develop a wider client base or simply looking to book your very first client, QC’s Accelerate Your Business Workshop will ensure that you have the fundamental tools to build your event planning business. From the basics of branding to networking with vendors, you’ll learn how to effectively market yourself and manage the back end of your business.

For an introduction to the Workshop, follow along with event expert and QC instructor Candice Coppola, as she discusses the significance of building your brand:


Did you know?

As a QC instructor, Coppola often engages with students in interactive ways! Take a look at her recent Ask Me Anything where Coppola shares insightful experiences and answers burning questions about what it’s really like to be a professional event planner.

Ready to take your wedding and event planning business to the next level? Enroll online to join our Accelerate Your Business Workshop now!

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