Wedding anniversary symbols and gifts by Loyes Diamonds

[Infographic] What Do These Wedding Anniversary Symbols Mean?

Roses, doves, linen and lace! When it comes to wedding anniversary symbols what does it all mean? Professionals in the event planning industry know just how significant details are when it comes to planning the perfect wedding. Seemingly ordinary things are completely inauspicious within the context of a wedding. Wedding anniversaries are no different; the right symbol can be a token of love and luck. But the wrong symbol can unwittingly symbolize misfortune. Not exactly what newlyweds are looking for!

While most brides are most likely to carry something blue—do you know what harbours good luck after the wedding? Wedding anniversaries are meant to represent the romantic milestones of marriage—and this helpful guide from Loyes Diamonds will help you decode those all-important wedding anniversary symbols! Weddings are a huge part of the event planning industry! These modern twists on some old favorites might just inspire you to get creative with some other wedding traditions…

Engagement and wedding anniversary symbols infographic for event planners

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