Elegant DIY decor for fall wedding

DIY Decor for the Fall Wedding

Amidst all the hustle and bustle of your client’s engagement plans, you’ll need time to figure out their vision for the wedding—color scheme? venue? theme? In today’s Pinterest-inspired world, it’s nearly impossible for couples to settle on just a few ideas!

Fortunately, with help from our crafty staff members, we’ve got you covered with some DIY fall wedding décor that suits any hands-on or budget-friendly couple!

From food to florals, we’ll show you how to use anything and everything to create whimsical autumn themed decorations that you and your clients will love.

Stylish Centerpieces

It might seem a little out of the ordinary, but using food to create elegant centerpieces and table decorations is easy and low-cost. One key factor to point out: stick with faux food to avoid decomposing décor!

You can create beautiful decorations using fruits and gourds. Just spray paint and add regular old candles! Try out these ideas to make fall-themed pieces by incorporating some classic autumnal foods:

  • Frosted Berries: Get frosted spray paint and decorate fake cranberries to give centerpieces some glamour. Add in colorful leaves and the warm berry shades will blend seamlessly with your fall wedding.
  • Cornucopias: A classic harvest-time centerpiece, cornucopias bring warmth and fullness to the table. Add leaves, flowers and candles to give your cornucopias a rustic elegance.
  • Pumpkin Vase: Again, you’ll want to use a fake pumpkin for this project. Create floral arrangements to place inside of a pumpkin rather than in a classic glass vase. Your guests will love this clever idea!

Pumpkin flowers DIY fall wedding decor

Charming Ceremonies

A great way to incorporate a fall theme into your wedding is by bringing the ceremony to fall!

If you’re planning for a couple who loves the outdoors, pitch the idea of holding the ceremony outside. It may be a little chilly, but these decorations will be so worth it.

  • Bring in the Hay Bales: Great for a countryside couple! Use haystacks to hold signage, gourd arrangements, or even as seating. If you opt for the latter, invest in cushions and fabric so guests aren’t covered in hay!
  • Tulle Canopy: Create a small canopy out of tulle for the altar. You can style them like curtains, and add flair by tying it back with a burlap bow.

Planning for a couple who prefers an indoor ceremony? DIY decor will bring the season to them!

  • Twinkling Branches: Cute and simple! String sets of twinkle lights through tree branches. Set up along the aisle or on the altar for rustic charm!
Leaf wreath DIY fall wedding decor
  • Leaf Wreath: An autumn-themed alternative to bows that you can place just about anywhere. Find either fake or real leaves, and just glue them together to make a wreath! Use them to decorate an aisle seat, your entranceway, or to place the rings in.
  • Flower (and leaf) Girl: Add a touch of fall to your flower petals by including some colorful leaves!

Dining Décor

We know that an elegant dining experience is integral when planning a wedding. These creative DIY table decorations will bring a sweet autumn charm to your meal!

  • Pinecone Name Holders: Instead of classic parchment name places, use pine cones to show your guests to their seats. All you need to do is (carefully) cut a small slit down the center of a pine cone and insert each guests’ name! Feel free to paint the cones to match your color scheme.
  • Painted Pumpkins: Use small fake pumpkins and matte spray paint to kick your table décor up a notch. You can add gold or copper accents on the stems or use calligraphy to write a cute message to your guests!
  • Autumnal Table Runners: Add a little spray glitter to burlap to create endearing table runners!
  • Cinnamon Stick Candleholders: Stand cinnamon sticks up vertically and glue them around the base of a large candle. Not only is this project extremely easy, it will give your reception a seasonal scent!

Cinnamon candle DIY fall wedding decor

Venue Décor

From the dance floor to the bar, you can add these creative decorations to give your wedding a sophisticated autumn aura.

Wood signs DIY fall wedding decor
  • Twinkling Tulle: Enhance the magic by hanging plain white Christmas lights around the venue, then drape tulle in front. The tulle will hide any cords, and the lights will shine through creating a fairy-tale atmosphere.
  • Shimmering Leaves: Get some leaves and spray paint with gold, copper and neutral colours to add a gorgeous accent to any table!
  • Wooden Accents: Create cute signage using painted or stained wood. You can use calligraphy to add elegance to your signs while directing guests!
  • Chalkboards: Write menus, table numbers and sweet messages on chalk boards (DIY with wood and chalkboard paint). You can place these around your venue for a personal touch!
  • Mason Jars: To give your wedding a harvest touch, decorate mason jars with twine or glitter. Use them to hold flower arrangements and candles to add warmth around the venue.

Photo Booth Props

The photo booth has become a creative staple for any modern wedding. Guests can take their own photos with cute homemade props. You’ll have a great time looking through the photos and seeing the silly poses!

  • Signs on a Stick: Write some cheeky sayings on painted cardboard, then glue to a stick for your guests to hold during their photos. Our favorite: “Let them eat cake!”
  • Picture Frames: Let your photos come to life by using decorated cardboard to create faux picture frames. To keep a fall inspired feel, create a frame using leaves!
  • DIY Backdrop: As simple as finding an autumn-colored fabric and hanging it on the wall.
  • Fake Moustaches: A photo booth favorite—allow your guests to go incognito for the evening! You can make felt moustaches in different shapes and colours.


Creating fall themed DIY decorations is a brilliant way to add a personal touch to your wedding décor. The best thing about do-it-yourself projects is that you’ll find inspiration throughout the whole process, and you can change up any idea to fit your imagination. So check out your local craft store—it’s time to get crafty!

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