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Event Planning Technology That DOESN’T Suck

As a planner, you know that having a hectic schedule and trying out new event planning technology comes with the job. Luckily, there are some easy-to-use apps that will keep you sane when you’re faced with a demanding event season!

With modern technology readily available, it’s exciting to try new planning tools and technologies—but excitement can turn to catastrophe if you’re not careful with new technology.

Steer clear of apps that don’t save data right away. This cuts the risk of losing important event plans and files for the big day.

On that note, apps that don’t export information to other networks can be a major headache. If you start using an app that can’t send out your plans, you’ll be wasting a lot of time rewriting each file!

And we mean A LOT.

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So, we rounded up the best user-friendly planning apps to keep you equipped and orderly for any event. Whether you’re planning a single event or a never-ending list, these lifesaving technologies will keep every bit of information organized and at your fingertips!

Scanner Pro

Having a stockpile of papers to carry around when you’re meeting vendors and clients is more than just a nuisance—it’s a nightmare! Losing an important contract is a disaster waiting to happen. Now, with help from apps like Scanner Pro, you can make digital copies of your documents as you acquire them.

The main benefit is that it’s quick and easy. Use your iPad or iPhone camera to scan, then edit and share. Instead of having to gather every single file and folder for each client, have them all available in one convenient place!

What’s more, Scanner Pro allows you to upload scanned images to other applications so you can easily organize each document! Whether it’s a receipt, contract or schedule, all your information can be pulled up on the app.

The best part? You can add signatures or turn written files into text messages!

Google Drive

Searching for an app to store all of your documents and spreadsheets in one secure spot? Look no further!

If you haven’t used Google Drive for event planning, you should definitely check out this all-in-one storage tool. It’s a fast, convenient way to create and share your event plans.

Google Drive gives you 15 GB of storage on emails, files, and photos—even upgrade for more if you need! Collaborate with clients and vendors on documents or spreadsheets to get feedback for your plans.

On top of all that, the Google Forms application lets you create event invitations, RSVPs, surveys, etc. The results from these online forms are organized into spreadsheets. Helpful in tracking attendees and viewing event feedback from your clients!

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Eventjoy + Universe

Have a private event to plan? This ticket designing site is a systematic way to invite guests, register attendees and view ticket sales.

By filling out a simple form, this app lets you design tickets based on the type of event. Once you promote and sell your tickets (they can also be free!), each one can be scanned at the door. Guests can easily order tickets when you embed the form on your website and social media pages. Try offering a price discount by having buyers tweet about your event!

If you plan on checking guests in, digital tickets are an easy way to see who’s arrived. Plus, you can sell extra tickets right at the door!


Ah, the e-vite—a simple technology that’s getting a major facelift!

Rather than just a barebones invite, Punchbowl allows you to choose an event type (holiday, wedding, birthday, etc.) and find the best design to suit the client’s style! You can choose from free templates, or upgrade to get more designs and personalize with photos.

Edit these e-vites to suit a color scheme or change up the font. Rather than having guests send RSVPs by snail mail, you can include an online RSVP function as well!

With countless invitations to sort through, the only trouble you’ll have is choosing just one!


When it comes to planning guest seating, your client probably has a specific arrangement in mind. An easy way to have them visualize a seating plan is by using TopTablePlanner—a user-friendly app that allows you and your client to collaborate right down to the last detail!

Ideal for weddings and large dining events, this app lets you add RSVPs and meal information for guests. And you’re able to send the final product straight to the venue! Start by choosing shapes, sizes and number of seats, then arrange guests and move tables around freely.

You and your clients can access this app from any device you choose, which is crucial for an on-the-go planner!


For any planner who prioritizes networking at events, Whova is an exciting app to try. It creates the ultimate experience for attendees by giving guests event information in the palm of their hand!

When you’re planning events like conferences and exhibitions, Whova organizes sessions and gives guests an easy navigation tool. Include workshop information, let people check-in, and start discussions all within the app. Reach out to your guests by creating announcements and a complete agenda of what’s happening!

A unique networking feature in this app is the business card exchange. Gain credibility as an event planner or possibly land another gig by connecting with attendees. You can safely store their contact information all right here!

Event Ideas for an Event Planner

This is some extraordinary networking potential, both for your guests AND your business! The only catch: you’ll need to provide your event details to get a price quote for the service.

Week Plan

Lots of events to plan? Sounds like business is booming!

By using a digital helper like Week Plan, you can prioritize tasks and keep track of upcoming events and deadlines. Even set up reminders for important meetings!

For use on an iPhone or iPad, Week Plan is similar to the Apple Calendar. It lets you set your calendar view to weekly or daily and then categorize tasks.

If you’d prefer to keep your business and private life in separate places, use an app like Week Plan to sort different events (and their to-do’s), then save your calendar for personal tasks.


Your new best friend when it comes to scheduling!

Doodle lets you create possible meeting dates and invite your vendors and clients. Once everyone submits their availability, you’ll be able to see the best date and time for everyone’s schedule. And if you have a team of planners, this online schedule makes planning meeting times a breeze!

Pro Tip: If you’re planning a dinner or party, amp up the attendance by using Doodle to find out when most guests can attend!


Remember those time management skills everyone was always telling you about? Yeah, those—pretty important for an event planner to prioritize and delegate!

Made for team collaboration, Asana gets your to-do lists organized for any event. Track deadlines and tasks for multiple events by creating different projects. Assign tasks to yourself or team members, upload files, then use the messaging feature to discuss logistics!

Choose the calendar view for your ongoing projects to visualize future schedules. Likewise, you can invite guests to join certain tasks—perfect for collaborating with vendors and clients!

One thing: Asana really is for teamwork, so if you’re on your own it might be better to stick with a calendar. Explore the website to see if it’s ideal for you!

Centerpiece ideas for wedding events and wedding planners


When in doubt about what your client wants, ask them to create a Pinterest board!

This is the easiest way for you and your client to envision an event because you can search anything from décor, to menu ideas, to centerpieces. Being able to see your client’s favorite Pins allows you to cater details and themes directly to their preferences.

Pinterest is great for learning about what appeals to clients and getting some creative ideas. But for concrete details you should stick with a program that organizes your real event plans!

Collaborating with your vendors and clients can be exciting and easy when you have access to every file at the drop of a hat. Using technology to help you plan events is an efficient way to organize every single detail into a few key places.

So hold on tight—you’re about to become the best in the biz!

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