Pros and cons of planning a christmas wedding in the winter

The Pros & Cons of Christmas Weddings

Just picture it: a light snowfall coming down as you pull up to a venue covered in twinkling lights and a sprig of mistletoe hanging from the entryway…

Christmas weddings can be dreamy. However, there are a few things to consider before you choose a date during the holiday season. Sure it can be romantic, but it can also be extremely difficult to plan when the holidays start getting busy.

So before signing that date away, weigh out your client’s options with these pros and cons of planning a Christmas wedding! Our list of benefits and downfalls to holiday weddings will help you decide if your client’s dream Christmas date is the right choice!

Christmas wedding planning with wedding cupcake tiers

The Pros

There’s no doubt that Christmas weddings can make all of your client’s dreams come true—they bring together the warmth and cheer of the holiday season. Plus, at a winter-themed wedding the décor alone will make a magical ceremony and reception!

Read on to see the best features that Christmas weddings have to offer!

Family Time

Being able to spend time with your whole family is the best part about Christmas! It’s an even bigger bonus that your clients will have all their family and friends attending the big day. Bring everyone together to celebrate the holidays with a new marriage!

A Christmas wedding also means no arguing about which days your clients will spend with the in-laws—just one big, happy family! If Christmas is when your clients get to spend the most time with their loved ones, this wedding date will finally bring family and friends together under the same roof.

Honeymoon Vacation

When we wish for Christmas, we know that it comes with some dreaded winter weather. But when you choose a Christmas date to plan a wedding, you can also help your clients select a sunny getaway for their honeymoon!

Help them plan a trip to Barbados or Hawaii after the wedding and let your clients spend time soaking up some much needed Vitamin D. They’ll have a romantic vacation with their new spouse and shed those winter woes!

Plus, they’ll come back with a tan that even Kim K would be jealous of!

Seasonal Décor

Christmas wedding decor ideas and DIY decor

Who doesn’t love cinnamon candles laced up with silver and gold trimmings?

Christmas-themed décor is a must for any winter wedding. Not only does it add warmth, Christmas décor consists of nature and evergreens—an appropriate symbol for an ever-growing marriage! Decorate with holly or mistletoe in your venue to give the wedding an added romantic twist.

Just think of the gold-trimmed napkins and plates, the green wreath centerpieces and even the delicious mulled wine you can add to the menu! There’s endless possibilities when it comes to Christmas décor and dining.

And check out these DIY winter decoration ideas that will make your client’s budget-friendly Christmas fantasy come to life on their wedding day!

Romantic Photographs

LET. IT. SNOW. That’s right—what would a winter holiday wedding be without a few glistening snowflakes?

A light dusting of snow makes any photograph romantic. The extra light will reflect on the bride’s dress, making her glow (and feel) like an angel!

But seriously, snow makes winter scenery gorgeous. Have the couple catch a kiss on camera with a few snowflakes fluttering down. Or get the photographer to capture the memorable moments of the newlyweds cuddling up in the cold! It will be well-worth the chill when they see how great the wedding photos turn out!

The Cons

Among all of the romantic features of winter-themed weddings, Christmas weddings can go overboard…fast! It’s as simple as inviting too many guests so no one feels excluded, or including too many tacky Christmas decorations. Whatever your plans are, there’s a chance that the wedding can go too over-the-top in the spirit of Christmas.

Here’s the scoop on what to watch out for if your clients decide to stick with a Christmas wedding date!


Giving a wedding gift during the holiday season

The most dreaded word in the world of weddings: expenses. Still, we can’t let you plan a Christmas wedding without warning you of the possible downfalls—and this is a BIG one.

The holidays are always expensive. Therefore, hosting a wedding during the Christmas season can add stress and financial strain on both clients and the guests.

Think of it this way: people will still buy gifts and have their own family meals. All that costs a lot of dough (I know, bad pun). By attending a wedding during Christmas, guests may be expected to shell out on a hotel and a generous wedding gift.

This adds up when finances are already pulled tight around the holiday season! And don’t forget, having competition for any wedding date could make venue prices surge—so advise your clients to take into account how many people are booking a Christmas wedding date if they don’t want to up their budget!


Now, we said we want your clients to have those romantic photographs in a light snowfall. However, we can’t guarantee that they won’t get caught in a nasty blizzard!

We don’t want you to call off the wedding plans on account of a snowstorm or severe weather. Although that is worst-case scenario, it could still happen! With guests coming in from far away, a snowstorm could pose a major threat to the guest list.

Think carefully about how the anxiety over the weather forecast will affect you and your clients—you don’t want added stress on the big day. If they still want that Christmas wedding despite this possible pitfall, you’ll just have to risk it!

Guest Absences

Guests won’t only be held back by bad weather. As we said before, families have their own holiday time planned too!

A lot of families have annual dates for Christmas gatherings and meals. If your wedding plans coincide with these days, guests will have a difficult decision to make. Whether it’s for a holiday meal or visiting friends and family out of town, Christmas is a time when a lot of people travel.

They might rethink their plans if you do end up planning a Christmas wedding, but you never know! Maybe get your clients to take a poll before finalizing that holiday wedding date…


Ah, Christmas clichés. Where would we be without them?

Clichés comes in many shapes and colors, including Christmas tree trimmings and the classic red and green combo. Needless to say, it can easily overwhelm your client’s wedding décor. Think of all the Christmas cards that will be masquerading as wedding cards!

There’s a lot of ways a Christmas theme can overpower a wedding. Do you really want Uncle Joe belting out “Rudolph” after he’s been at the open bar for too long? Not an enticing picture when clients visualize their dream wedding.

Winter décor can be tasteful and elegant—but watch out for sneaky Christmas clichés when choosing centerpieces and venue ornaments. A little is more than enough!

Tacky Christmas wedding decor to avoid in your holiday wedding plans

Although there are some downfalls to a winter wedding, don’t lose hope on planning a Christmas wedding too fast! It just takes a little research and a determined planner to get the job done successfully. Your clients will be cuddling up by the fire while they sort through your favorite holiday wedding photos…

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