Event planning trends for 2017

Top Event Planning Trends to Look for in 2017!

In an industry that’s becoming more competitive, you need to stay in demand and market your business alongside current trends. Last week, Heather Vickery shared her predictions for the wedding and event planning industry. This week, we are putting it all together—and throwing some business tips into the mix! Follow along with the top event planning trends for 2017 and you’ll have no problem keeping your event business booming!

Incorporating trending ideas into your events makes attending more enjoyable and engaging for guests. It’s also a perfect opportunity to show your creative skills in event planning. You’ll be on top of the game and guests will love the new ideas you’re implementing into their events!

Relaxing event trends and ideas for 2017

Instant Connectivity

In a world of increasing technology and digital connections, introducing software into your events is a huge, ongoing trend for 2017. From social media to online forums, creating a space where guests can connect before, during, and after the event is a must. Not only will this help you network as an event planner, but it makes marketing your clients’ events faster and easier. Having everything at your fingertips is essential for an event planner. When you have busy days and a jam-packed event season, you’ll need to make yourself accessible for clients to contact you. As well, having everyone connected to one platform during an event will give you a breath of fresh air—and it will encourage guests to be more engaged!


This is a biggie for corporate events! Creating a relaxing atmosphere, especially at a large event, is important for your guests. Setting the tone with soft or classical music may seem dull, but unless you’re planning a celebration you should try aiming for a tranquil space for your events in 2017. For example, a few live plants or lavender centerpieces can work wonders for stressed out business people. Or you can make a more intimate space by using venues that have multiple rooms. Traffic will flow and guests can mingle without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of people crammed into one room. Creating a calm atmosphere can be done with just a few simple tricks! It will go a long way in helping guests feel comfortable—not to mention, help you feel calmer as well!

Fun event food ideas for 2017  events

Fun Foods

Gone are the days of plain sandwich platters and crackers. It’s time you amped up your event catering with something a little more exotic! Buffets are always a good option for large events since it’s easy for people to choose exactly what they want—and there’s a lot of options for all types of eaters. For your next buffet, go for a certain style—like Indian or Mexican style dishes—that are both delicious and have multiple dish selections. Leave boring foods to your competitors and branch out your catering choices to restaurants that are local favorites!


Instead of the usual meet and greet where guests tend to drift towards the people they already know, mixers are changing up the way people network at events. The New Year is all about the value of personal interaction between colleagues or new acquaintances. An event can become successful for guests if they are able to meet people in a comfortable environment. They’ll be able to network and have enjoyable conversations. Set this tone against a background of soft music with good food and drink. Keep in mind that having guests stand is better for conversation flow, as people can move around freely and introduce themselves. That being said, a few tables and chairs won’t be the end of the world. But unless you’re planning a sit-down dinner be sure to make space for guests to mill around!

Mixers for 2017 event planning trends and ideas

Keeping your event planning business competitive is easy when you keep up-to-date with successful trends and themes. Comment below with event ideas that you think will be big in 2017! We’re looking forward to seeing what all you savvy event planners have in mind for 2017.

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