Valentine's Day event ideas and themes for a singles party

6 Ways to Plan a Valentine’s Day Event for Singles

Valentine’s Day isn’t always the most joyous time for most singles—but that’s where you come in as an event planner. Your job is to make special occasions, well…special! Regardless of a guest’s relationship status, your Valentine’s Day events should be fun and enjoyable.

The upside to planning a Valentine’s event for singles: even people in the dating pool will want to join! And that can translate into more event planning opportunities for you! Let’s face it, singles events are usually more carefree since there’s less pressure to plan a super romantic day. How can you flip Valentine’s Day into a date that everyone will love? Read on to find out our top tips for planning your most successful singles event ever!

Planning a Valentine's Day event for singles

1. Decide on an activity

The most important feature of a singles event is having a fun activity to engage your guests. If you have a lot of single strangers in one room, you’ll need to provide an ice breaker to ease everyone’s nerves! Allow your guests to get creative with a paint night or pottery making event. Being artistic is always enjoyable; it lets people see things from a different point of view. And hey, your guests can bond with the cutie next to them on how great (or bad) their artwork turns out!

A key point for choosing a main activity? Don’t pick an activity where people sit still. It’s hard to start a conversation with a stranger—especially when guests are out of their comfort zones to begin with! Your activity should keep people moving, even if it’s just working with their hands. Guests are more likely to open up when they have something else to focus on!

2. Remove the romance

A big complaint on Valentine’s Day is the sheer amount of lovey-dovey cards and gifts. Avoid the notion that Valentine’s Day is only for people in love. Everyone should be able to enjoy the day, whether they’re in a relationship or focussing on themselves.

Promote your event as one designed for singles. If you make people feel good about themselves, they’ll want to attend your event on Valentine’s Day. Focus on the “fun” aspect of an evening out. Most people don’t like to go out alone, but turning the tables on this concept can bring them out of their shell. Try using phrases that are inclusive, like “Your new friends are waiting!” This draws people to the idea of making new friends rather than thinking they need to fall in love.

3. Cater to friends

Planning a girls night out for Valentine's day

As with any event, catering to your target audience is extremely important! Since you’re creating an event for singles, you know that it’s difficult for people to go in alone. Target friend groups in your promotions to encourage a bigger turnout. Once word gets out about your exciting event, people will be more inclined to attend if they have a friend by their side!

A clever idea to promote a single’s event—emphasize the positive side of the term “single”. Instead of making someone a third wheel, make your event exclusive to singles who want a fun evening. A simple slogan like “Singles: are you ready to mingle?” builds excitement for your event.

4. Choose Galentine’s Day

Calling all single ladies! Take some advice from Leslie Knope and plan a classic Galentine’s Day! Focus on the fulfilling female friendships your guests have, and let them enjoy a night out together. Whether they’re single or dating, your event can be a night just for the girls. Plan your Galentine’s event on a weekend, cater some tasty food and wine, and let the girls go! As we mentioned before, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for people in love—it’s about showing your love for the people in your life. This includes spending some quality time with your girlfriends!

Planning events for Valentine's Day  and organizing Valentine's parties

5. Make it glamorous

Every girl wants the chance to dress up and feel glamorous. Plan a singles Valentine’s event that calls for formal attire. It could be a cocktail mixer or gala, whichever you prefer! Having your guests dress classy gives your event an extra kick of sophistication.

6. Use the feel-good factor

Planning a charity fundraiser is a fantastic idea for a Valentine’s event. People will love how good they feel helping the community—even if they don’t end up meeting anyone! Asking people to volunteer will encourage them to have conversations with other volunteers, and will help them meet others who share the same interests. Choosing a charity can be difficult, though. Try fundraising for a local organization so your guests can continue their work!

Whatever you plan, keep your Valentine’s events lively and fun—everyone will be dying to attend! It’s important to feel confident in yourself, so focus on giving singles the best time of their lives.

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