Plan the perfect Oscars viewing party!

Roll Out Your Red Carpet and Throw the Perfect Oscars Viewing Party

If you’re a film aficionado, you’ve likely spent the last few months watching all the films nominated for the 89th Academy Awards—and that’s a long list! While that has undoubtedly been time-consuming, the Oscars are only a few days away (February 26th, to be exact) and it’s time to turn your mind to how you’ll celebrate!

An Oscars viewing party is the perfect opportunity to bring a slice of Hollywood into your living room, gather your film and fashion-loving friends together, and put your event planning skills to glamorous use! Read this helpful guide that will have you rolling out the red (living room) carpet in no time!

Start the Buzz

With a few days left before the biggest night in Hollywood, you’ll want to make sure you get the word out about your party! As lovely as a physical, mailed invitation can be, it’s not the best choice when it comes to rounding up friends in a timely manner. Technology is your friend, and a great way to generate interest (and RSVPs) to your soiree is by sending out an electronic invitation. We recommend using Punchbowl to create personalized, Hollywood-themed invitations. Get your invitees excited (and send them on a mad dash to the movie theater to watch a few of the nominated films!).

Set the Stage (So to Speak)

In terms of Oscar nominations, La La Land is leading the way (it reigns with 14 nominations), and is a great film to build your party décor around. Think Old Hollywood staples like champagne, fresh flowers, and sparkling paper stars to decorate your home. And in terms of music, choose unforgettable standards like Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Rosemary Clooney. When it comes to DIY décor for this party, be sure to read this helpful post before getting started! Alternatively, keep the setting glitzy and classy without a film theme—think candles, cocktails, and a great party playlist.

Put your social event planning skills to use by planning an Oscars viewing party!

Get Fancy

What better way to get into the spirit of the Academy Awards than by donning some fancy outfits? Black tie not required, but encourage your guests to bring the glamour on Hollywood’s most glamorous night—this could be a jeweled hair accessory (or full dress and heels) for women, and a crisp shirt and tie (or simply a bowtie) for men. As the host, it’s important to set the tone for the evening with your own attire. If you want others to dress to impress, be sure to do so yourself as the event planner. Also, offer your guests the option to come as their all-time favorite movie character, which will certainly ensure your party is a colorful one!

Place Your Bets

It just wouldn’t be a true Oscars viewing party without some kind of predictions challenge! To mix things up from the usual ballot card, try Oscar Bingo, which does not require any prior knowledge of the movies or actors nominated. Print off these fabulous Oscar Bingo cards from PureWow and simply have guests mark each box on their card as the night unfolds (items include when music cuts off a speech, when Ryan Gosling smirks, or when someone trips over their dress). For an added incentive (besides having fun), have prizes ready for those who fill up their cards, such as mini treat boxes filled with small candies and chocolates.

Event decor and food ideas for an Oscars viewing party!

Hors D’Oeuvres Are Served

Depending on your event budget (and time available), putting together a table of hors d’oeuvres is an excellent choice for your guests, and this is your opportunity to make this a night to remember (and indulge!). Starters such as meatballs, sliders, dips (some great choices include spinach, hummus, and guacamole) with pita bread or chips, and some samosas and pakoras are always a hit. Another great idea is to hold a potluck dinner, and have each guest bring a dish (make sure to create a sign-up list ahead of time so there is enough of every food available). Take your potluck one step further by asking guests to name each dish after a nominated actor/actress or film (think Moonlight Meatballs, or Natalie Portman Pakoras). Don’t forget dessert, as well, with mini-cupcakes, truffles, and chocolate as obvious choices for such a glitzy affair!

If your Oscars viewing party ends up being last minute, don’t worry! Find out how to plan a perfect last minute party!

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