Top apps you need for wedding planning career

Top 5 Apps You Need for Your Wedding Planning Career

Wedding planning is a highly rewarding and fun career—there’s no doubt about that! By the same token, however, the life of an event planner is an extremely busy and hectic one, with deadlines and demands at every turn. Even the most seasoned planner can end up frenzied!

Thankfully, we live in an era of technology that is designed to make our lives (and jobs) easier. While we’re certain that you’re a highly organized and calm professional, everyone can benefit from this list of the top apps you need for your wedding planning career!

1. Slack

Communication software Slack (iOS, Android) was launched as far back as 2014, but it only began to really catch on with co-workers in the industry over the past year. Slack contains many helpful features for members of a team, such as “channels” for specific projects. They allow co-workers to update one another on progress, send direct messages for focused conversations, and has a video call function so team members can update each other quickly. Slack also allows files to be dropped right into the app and shared with anyone—as an event planner, budget spreadsheets, client contact information, and venue contracts can be shared with other members of the team, (or with the clients themselves), through the software. Slack makes it very easy to keep in touch with team members and clients through the convenience of a mobile device, making it number one on this list!

2. Super Planner

As an event planner, you’re responsible for all the details of the wedding (and there are many to consider!). When hiring vendors such as a catering company or other rental service, an app such as Super Planner (iOS, Android) is an excellent go-to, as it quickly and easily calculates how much food is needed for a wedding, based on guest numbers, as well as pricing conversions. This information is extremely helpful when hiring and instructing vendors, and Super Planner can save a significant amount of time for planners who would ordinarily need to research and calculate this information themselves. Super Planner also contains a room capacity calculator to help determine how many tables can be placed in a specifically-sized room, plus a staffing calculator to determine how many wait-staff will be needed at the event.

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3. Connect App

Keeping your contacts organized is imperative for a wedding planner. You’ve worked hard to build relationships with each one, and want to maintain that trust and rapport. Connect (iOS) makes contact management fast and easy, allowing the user to create custom groups for contacts (such as vendors, clients, and co-workers) and even allowing the option to customize them even further by color. One fabulous feature of Connect that applies to the busy social life of an event planner is the ability to send group messages to lists of contacts. There’s no need to scroll through and select recipients if a message applies to the entire work team, or several different vendors.

4. Trello

Similar to Slack, Trello (iOS and Android) is a project-management, communication software that allows teams to collaborate, view information such as comments and attachments at a glance, and view items task-by-task. One feature that will appeal specifically to event planners is Trello’s ability to create boards (similar to those on Pinterest) to plan and manage all the details of a wedding. On each board, cards are created that contain lists of what needs to be done, broken down by category. For example, “Venue” would be one category and underneath it are items such as timelines for booking the venue, what needs to be done at each point, as well as planning the seating chart. Teams can share these boards and cards with one another in an effort to delegate work, or a solo event planner can simply list the items in one board and refer to it (and check items off) as they go along.

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5. Thumbly Keyboard

Did we mention how hectic and stressful the life of an event planner can be? For a planner who always has their hands full, Thumbly Keyboard (iOS) is a potentially genius solution! The app uses fast, gesture-based controls to help busy professionals use the keyboard with one hand! Answer text messages and emails faster, and access calendars, attachments and other files quickly and easily with this helpful app.

Read on for more event planning technology to keep you organized for any event!

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