What's Your Client's Dream Wedding Venue?

QUIZ: What’s Your Client’s Dream Wedding Venue?

As a wedding planner, it goes without saying that you’re a people person. The process of getting to know clients on a personal level is a major highlight of your career as a planner, and you love hearing all the details they’ve envisioned for their wedding day!
During client consultations, it is extremely important to listen carefully and take notes. Focus on items such as your client’s budget and their likes and dislikes, in order to help them make the big decision on which venue to choose!

Is a beach wedding the perfect fit for your client’s personality, or are they more likely to say “I do” in a banquet hall? Take our quiz to find out if you know your client well enough to determine their dream wedding venue, or if you need to dig a little deeper!

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How did you do? Share your results in a comment, and be sure to download our free consultation checklist so you can track and save your clients’ answers!

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