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Creative Couple Ideas to Inspire Every Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner, you know that many couples want that “wow” factor for their wedding day. Well, it’s actually easier to achieve than most people think! Using small, unique ideas, you can give your clients a day full of little surprises and sweet moments.

Be inspired by these creative ideas and give your clients the perfect wedding day!

1. Small love notes

If you think your clients might suffer from pre-wedding jitters, this adorable act of kindness ought to do the trick! Have the bride and groom write a short love note to their partner, and pass them along on the day of. They can keep the note short and sweet, or go more in depth—it’s completely up to them!

Where to hide notes for a wedding day surprise

This thoughtful gesture will help reiterate the reasons why your clients are perfect for each other. Weddings can become stressful, and this trick will draw out any anxiety your clients might feel. If you want to be sneaky, you can hide the notes in a clever place. For example, you could hide a note in the bride’s bouquet, or in the groom’s shoe. Your clients will appreciate how much thought you’ve put into making sure their big day is perfect!

2. Thoughtful gifts

On the same page as leaving love notes, a small and thoughtful gift from their SO can inspire confidence on the big day. Keep these gifts light-hearted, and have your clients put some deep thought into what would make their partner happy. It doesn’t need to be expensive or material—it can even be a silly photograph or souvenir. Have your clients choose a small token that is meaningful to their relationship. It’s a great way to ramp up excitement for the day!

Having little tokens ready to go will make you a better wedding planner—it truly shows how much you value your clients as customers and people.

3. Matching Footwear

Matching wedding attire for bride and groom

This has been a classic trend for couples in the past few years, and we definitely love this idea. Wearing similar shoes, like Converse, or shoes that match in color is a simple way to show a connection between the bride and groom. Mainly, this trend makes for some adorable wedding day photographs!

If you’re looking for an offbeat way to match up your client’s footwear, go for socks! Well, the groom’s socks at least. Pick a pair that matches the bride’s bouquet or sash, and your clients will be subtly in-sync all day!

4. Hide & Seek

We know that lately it has become popular for the bride and groom to meet before the ceremony. Many certified wedding planners are moving away from that “it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding” superstition and going in a more creative direction. And what we propose is even more unique…

Think of it as a bridal scavenger hunt. Have your bride plan to “hide” in a small room or space outside the venue. Then, leave a few hints for the groom to find and follow. Lead him to the bride and be sure to have a photographer ready to capture this epic moment! You don’t want to miss the groom’s expression when he sees his gorgeous bride.

First meeting ideas for wedding planners

5. Keep It Pet-Friendly

For animal lovers, the pet is an important part of the family. So be sure you give their furry friends a spot in the wedding! This is ideal for outdoor and backyard weddings (and we wouldn’t recommend using cats…). If your clients have a beloved dog in the family, get their furry friend involved in the wedding.

Whether you make the dog a bridesmaid or groomsman, ring bearer or greeter, the guests will love this cute addition to your client’s wedding plans. Having their pet there for moral support and excitement will keep your clients stress-free all day—and they’ll probably have some good laughs about it!

6. Try Out the New Titles

A simple DIY to give the bride and groom’s seats some pizazz is creating “Mr and Mrs” signs for their table. You can make elegant signs with thin pieces of wood or poster board, paint, and a stencil. String some ribbon through the top to hang on the back of their chairs, and voila! Fancy signage for the newlyweds.

DIY wedding signs for creative wedding planners

Keep wedding guests on their toes with these fun and creative ideas. The big day is all about your clients, so be sure to plan a wedding that’s full of unexpected surprises and exciting moments!

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