The Event Planner’s Guide to Gorgeous Spring Centerpieces

Embrace the fresh air and shed those winter woes—this season, create beautiful spring centerpieces that will give your event a warm weather vibe!

Apart from the usual springtime look, we’ve come up with some gorgeous ideas to give your table designs an extra pop of originality. It’s time to channel everything spring and build a centerpiece that puts every table in the spotlight!

Keep it bright

Springtime is the perfect opportunity to shed those dark and dreary winter colors and opt for a fresh perspective. Stay away from deeper hues when choosing a color scheme for spring centerpieces—whether they’re for a wedding or a corporate barbecue, you want to inspire fresh thinking and breezy relaxation!

Build your centerpieces around colors that remind you of warm, sunny spring days. Choosing colors like yellow, blue, and green bring bright memories to mind. As well, stick with pastel colors that absorb and reflect light easily. Pastel pinks and purples are perfect for creating delicate spring centerpieces. Choose your flower arrangements based on light and bright colors to keep each table looking lively!

Focus on florals

There’s no doubt that spring centerpieces need florals—spring’s seasonal flowers are some of the most beautiful! Consider lilacs, baby’s breath, daisies, and other sweet florals that will bring a breath of fresh air to the table. Our favorite? A combination of lilacs and fresh white freesia!

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Bringing different shapes and scents together will add to the diversity of spring—so don’t be afraid to experiment! Once you have your color scheme, head to your local florist to see which flowers come in those colors. Then, create your own floral arrangement with your top picks!

Braids and bows

Tap into your creative side and get ready for some DIY work. This quick creation will add a new level of intricacy to your table décor. But don’t worry—it’s easy to create!

Simply pick up some thick jute rope, and braid it into long strips. Starting in the middle, wrap your braided rope around in a clockwise circle, gluing the rope together as you go. When you’ve reached your desired size, cut the rest of the rope and fasten the outer edge down. And there you have it—a quick and unique base for any centerpiece!

Amp up your centerpieces even more by adding a bow as a finishing touch. A simple white ribbon tied bunny-ear style will give your tables an added flair for spring!

Reach new heights

Now, we know that some event planners and clients aren’t partial to the idea of tall centerpieces. The downside is that you’re not able to see the person across from you. Yet, this centerpiece design still falls into the favorites category for one reason: it’s absolutely gorgeous!

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It’s also one of the easiest designs to achieve. Find yourself tall vases—and we mean tall! Since spring colors are generally light and pastel-themed, you don’t need to worry about overwhelming guests with intense color. Choose flowers that are usually tall, like tulips, to draw guest attention upwards. An easy hack for this design to add more visibility: use thin branches painted white to add to your floral arrangements.

Create glamour

Time to glam up your table designs! One you have your centerpiece ideas all set up, add some glitz to your décor with sparkles or metallic paint. A unique idea to get you started: pluck some petals from a flower of your choice, add some sealant (like Modge Podge) and dust a bit of glitter over each petal as it dries. Enhance your gorgeous color scheme by using white petals—this will add glamour without distracting from your centerpiece designs!
Alternatively, head to the local hardware store to pick up some spray glitter. You can also use shimmer body spray if you just want a slight touch of shine. When working with glitter, just remember that less is more—no one wants glitter as part of their meal!

Build your own baskets

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Add elements of spring when building your centerpieces by creating floral arrangements in open baskets! When we think spring, the Easter bunny is one character that comes to mind. While you don’t need to add furry creatures to your gathering, you can definitely channel some Easter spirit by using baskets to hold your centerpiece designs.

Baskets will give your table a natural vibe, and remind your guests of sunny summer picnics. Baskets add versatility since you can paint them, keep them their usual color, or break out that glitter spray one more time. Whichever you decide, you’ll create natural centerpieces that bring spring right to your event—perfect for outdoor and backyard venues!

Ready for more? Find out how you can make your whole event shine with DIY spring décor for the budget event planner!


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