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Corporate Event Themes We’re Totally Over

If you’re getting low on creative juices, it can be tempting to fall back on so-called “classic” themes. Some are tried and true, but many are boring and don’t generate excitement for corporate events!

Especially at work events, people want to kick back and see their coworkers in a new light. This is a time to learn about the people you work with and let a little loose!

The main thing about planning corporate events: provide a healthy mix of fun and professionalism. The office can be stressful enough. You don’t want your event to make an awkward situation any worse!

Make your company’s event successful – stay away from these tired themes for your next corporate venture!

Planning a company picnic and barbecue

1. 80s Inspired

Paying homage to the 80s can be fun, but 80s décor doesn’t work too well for an open house or an office party.

I mean, the music was pretty catchy – but the hair? No one wants to be photographed at an important corporate event with an 80s-style ponytail coming out the side of their head. Even if you don’t indulge in dressing the part, you definitely don’t need to see your boss bust a move to “Like A Virgin”.

So let’s save the 80s theme for a housewarming party. Agreed?

2. Hollywood Glam

Sure it’s fun to dress up as iconic movie stars with the sparkling evening gowns and whatnot, but this theme just screams “high school prom” – does it not?

If you want to channel some timeless elegance to your corporate event, try trading in the old Hollywood theme for a more general black tie event. You’ll inspire elegance, and the sophisticated formal outfits are always more captivating than the same Marilyn Monroe style dress over and over again.

Simple black tie descriptions are perfect for ceremonies and awards. Everyone will look great, and you can adapt your décor according to your client’s vision!

3. Casino Night

We know that the whole Ocean’s Eleven theme can be pretty cool, but gambling at a corporate event might not be the best idea…

Needless to say, the tacky Vegas-style decorations don’t scream “professional”. Plus, having colleagues and clients compete in a cutthroat game of poker can be the scourge of a business relationship. We know that most Casino Nights don’t try to promote excessive gambling, but a lot of guests could be uncomfortable with this theme. It’s time to pack it away.

A great alternative? Quiz night! This keeps your event entertaining and also promotes team-building. Perfect for seminars and retreats!

Casino night corporate event theme

4. Winter Wonderland

There are so many ways to include winter-themed décor into a corporate event, so why choose an already exhausted theme? Winter is all about the contrast of snow and cold in the outdoors with the warmth and security of our homes. For events like an open house, use minimalist decorations to capture the essence of the season.

Place elegant wreaths and candlesticks around the home to create some holiday cheer. You don’t need to focus on tacky winter clichés like fake snow and reindeer. Reinvent your winter theme without the snowflake cut-outs!

5. Karaoke Night

In all honestly, karaoke is one of the best inventions – but NOT when it’s mixed into a corporate event!

Karaoke is hard enough to do in front of a room full of strangers. Can you imagine being pressured to sing in front of your supervisor and CEO? Plus, no one needs to hear Tom from accounting belt out the lyrics to Since You’ve Been Gone…

To save everyone from embarrassment, leave the karaoke machine at home during office parties and get-togethers. Make your own fun, upbeat playlist instead!

Planning a karaoke event for corporations

6. Picnics

Picnics can be a great way to bond with people you work with. But for some reason, the term “corporate picnic” doesn’t inspire much imagination.

Don’t drag employees to another picnic where they have to stand uncomfortably for hours and no one’s really sure what the dress code is. Instead, have a potluck meal inspired by countries of the world. Or host a catered lunch buffet as a customer meet and greet. Putting a spin on the usual picnic will revive a company’s dull event and encourage them to invite clients and friends.

However you plan it, leave the painful wooden picnic benches out. The guests will thank you!

7. Magic/Comedy Show

There is a VERY big difference between hiring an act to float around the party and turning the whole event into lacklustre show.

If your corporate event is a social party or an awards ceremony, it would be worth it to hire a magician or comedian to provide some entertainment breaks! But beware of the problems in hiring an act for a special event. No good will come from getting hypnotised in front of your colleagues.

Magicians can liven up any event by entertaining small groups. And comedians can be great hosts for an awards show! But I wouldn’t force your employees to sit through an hour long show, especially if the entertainer likes to pick on people in the audience!

Planning a corporate party

For corporate events, choose themes that are enjoyable and exciting! In the end, your main priority is for the guests to enjoy themselves. As long as you keep your décor professional, your theme will be a hit!

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