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Event Planners: Does Your Venue Have These 7 Things?

Venues are where all the magic happens, so they need to be prepared for just about anything. The last thing you want to be worrying about during an event is a jumbled up mess of jackets and wedding gifts! Having a big enough area for the guests is only the first step to choosing a good venue…

Read on to find out the 7 things that every venue should have – and what to look for before you book your event!

Coat Check

A small space, but one that makes a huge difference to any event. Having a designated area to hang up coats and hats will streamline your client’s event. Not only will it keep your event decor looking pristine (as in, no old coats draped on the back of chairs), it will make guests feel well-cared for! A coat check station adds an element of organization and professionalism to the event.

You also won’t need to worry about lost or stolen coats. Giving out numbered tickets will help you keep track of who owns what and where they can find it. It’s definitely worth it to hire an assistant for the day to man this station – it frees you up to deal with the rest of the event!

Built-in Bar

Planning a wedding with open bar

Okay, so this isn’t a must, but it’s definitely a plus! A built-in bar saves you from renting a movable bar stand, and it can save you room in the reception hall.

There’s always a possibility that the venue has their own bartender, but you’ll need to double check. Either way, you’ll want to hire a professional who’s willing to sign a bartending contract for the event. This will save you from possible over-serving and guests attempting to make their own drinks, which is never a good thing…

A Kitchen

Unless you’re hosting an outdoor event, your venue should have a fully equipped kitchen that’s ready to be used by a full team of caterers. It might sound obvious, but someone might assume the caterer has their cooking situation all sorted out! While pre-cooked meals are an option, in most cases a kitchen will do wonders for serving guests smoothly.

Fire Extinguishers

This is the biggest must on our list! Having fire extinguishers and fire exits available is the law, and every venue should have an up-to-date fire code for you to look at. No one wants a fire to happen, but this is definitely one element you can’t be unprepared for.

Accidents happen, so make sure there are working extinguishers and escape plans – especially if you’re planning on lighting up some candles!

Accessible Entrances

American mansion wedding venue for event planners

Most public buildings will be updated with accessible entrances for guests who have trouble with movement. Both ramps and elevators are a must for your venue, and even more so for wedding planners!

The families of the bride and groom can range from toddlers to great-grandparents, and you need to accommodate every age group. Be sure that every guest can easily walk into the venue and find their seat. Watch out for areas where decor could get in the way of someone’s movement. The last thing you want is a broken ankle during dinner!

Extra Rooms

Whether its storage or dressing rooms, you should always be on the hunt for a venue with extra space. If you can find a credible venue that offers a storage area just for you, stick with them! This can work wonders in keeping you organized and calm.

Keep all of your personal and emergency items out of the reception hall, and in a spare room. You can also store extra décor pieces and props for later on. Think about using a separate room for gifts or party favors so everything has its own place.

No more digging around for those extra candlesticks!


Choosing an outdoor wedding venue in Arizona

Just like your vendors, referrals are super important for venues that you don’t have any personal experience with. Ask the manager to provide a couple of references, or ask to get in touch with previous event planners and clients. If they refuse, you should be wary about whether or not they’re a trusted place to host your event.

This is where networking comes in handy! If you know other event planners in the area, reach out to them for advice. Chances are, someone at some time has hosted an event at this venue. Ask around and find out what kind of experience you’ll be in for.

When you’re choosing a venue, you’ll need to toe the line between a practical spot and listening to what your clients want. In the end, it’s all about using a credible venue where you can worry about the event, rather than the building!

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