competitive careers that benefits from event planning courses

5 Competitive Careers That Benefit from Event Planning Courses

It’s obvious that becoming a certified event and wedding planner is an excellent way to move ahead in the industry. But did you know that event planning courses are extremely beneficial to other careers, and not just planning-related ones?

While your event planner certification will open many doors for you, it can also help you move ahead in careers you’ve never considered! So whether you want to enhance your current career or move into a new one, read on for 5 competitive fields that will seriously benefit from event planning courses!

1. Caterer

It takes a certain type of person to be successful as a caterer! Attention to detail, excellent coordination, and great people skills are absolutely vital in this career. Event and wedding planning courses may not teach food preparation, but they do allow students to learn how to work with clients and sharpen their interpersonal skills. You also learn which event details to consider (and how to manage your time effectively!).

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As caterers will regularly find themselves responsible for coming up with new and exciting dishes, creativity is a must! Wedding and event planning courses are inherently creative, and encourage aspiring planners to think outside the box, which is a skill that will lend itself beautifully to a career as a caterer!

2. Fundraising Coordinator

Not everyone is aware of just how much fundraising and event planning are related! Event planners and fundraising coordinators will work together on upcoming events to ensure that all the details are taken care of and the budget is on track.

Event and wedding planning courses contain units focused on the creation of budget spreadsheets and how to keep costs under control. Knowing how much money is needed (and how much can be spent on new initiatives) makes up the bulk of a fundraiser’s role. This is what allows them to work effectively with vendors, event planners, and other team members to reach fundraising goals. If you’re already in the fundraising field, enrolling in an event planning course will help sharpen your skills and provide you with some fresh new resources to use (like budgeting templates) to do your job even better.

3. Marketing and Communications Professional

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When it comes to dynamic and exciting careers, marketing is high on the list. Each organization’s needs are different, so marketing professionals will find themselves wearing a number of different hats. Planning corporate events, employee appreciation picnics, and other activities will very likely be part of the role, so enrolling in an event planner course is a great choice for both aspiring marketers and those already working in the field.

While an event and wedding planning course will be highly beneficial, learning the ins and outs of event décor will also help you! When researching schools, look for both of these courses, as you may be able to get a discount when you package courses together.

Plus, being able to decorate an event in a beautiful, creative way is an added bonus!

4. Spa Director

When you think of a day at the spa, relaxation and calmness are two feelings that likely come to mind. Spas provide an escape from busy lives and jobs, and allow customers to truly feel at ease.

A Spa Director is directly responsible for this atmosphere! The spa must run as efficiently as possible to keep customers feeling like they are being completely pampered, and the Spa Director takes it upon themselves to ensure their expectations are exceeded.

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Customer service is the name of the game, and an online event planning course is a fantastic place to both learn customer service skills and hone those skills in a spa setting. If you’re currently employed at a spa and have your eye on a promotion, an event and wedding planner certification could be your ticket to moving forward!

5. Executive Assistant

High-level executives depend on their assistants to provide them with a great deal of support, including maintaining their calendars, making travel arrangements, manage phone calls, and keep databases up to date.

A common responsibility for an executive assistant is the planning and coordinating of events, which can range from meetings to corporate events. Your event planning training, therefore, can advance current and aspiring executive assistants alike! Students learn how to work within a budget and plan internal events such as staff meetings, team-building retreats, and professional development days. You also learn about planning external events such as client appreciation parties and product launches.

Having this training under your belt will set you apart as an executive assistant and will not only lead to appreciation by your employer, but will allow you to grow in your role and take on more responsibility!

There are serious advantages to completing your event planner training – find out how to work and travel with your certification!

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