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8 Etiquette Mistakes Your Event Planner Wishes You Knew

Bad party guests will ruin an event – this is a fact that all event and wedding planners have ingrained in their minds. It’s why there are measures to avoid having guests cause problems. From RSVPs to hanging out at the bar, there are many things planners need to watch out for in a guest!

So to save yourself from embarrassment (and to save all event planners from a stressful situation!), be sure to brush up on your party etiquette. Read on for 8 mistakes you should avoid if you want to be a good guest!


It’s a tale as old as time – a guest shows up out of the blue, with no table setting or meal to enjoy, all because they didn’t return that pesky invitation that said “Please RSVP”. But rather than accepting that mistake, this guest always feels entitled to a place at the event. So now, you need to bend over backwards to make it happen!

RSVPs for wedding planners

Not sending in an RSVP by the due date is a huge mistake when it comes to party etiquette. It’s not only inconsiderate to the host and planners, but it also affects the arrangements made for other guests who did RSVP. And yes, we know that sometimes it slips our mind – but even if you remember a week beforehand, it’s better to call and clear up the mishap than to show up unexpectedly.

Moving Tables

Event planners put a great deal of strategic planning and consideration into their seating plans.

These are not decided by simply picking names from a hat! Take the careful planning into consideration when you decide you’d rather sit next to your old pal from high school. If you can survive the meal without sitting there, we’re sure you’ll get to pick and choose where to sit once the dance floor opens up!

On that note, try not to look too disappointed about where you’re seated. Not everyone can have the best seat in the house, so unless you’re the guest of honor you don’t need to be right in the midst of things. Your host doesn’t want to deal with a sour looking guest, and they definitely don’t want to hear offhand comments like, “It would have been better if I could see…”

Just stay put.

Ignoring the Dress Code

Etiquette for wedding attire

Everyone knows that you should never wear white to a wedding – but what other rules do you need to follow? Well, it depends. If you’re going to a wedding, the general rules are don’t wear white, try not to match the bridal party, and dress in appropriate formal attire.

But if you’re going to a corporate event, the dress code is quite different. You don’t always need to dress like you’re going into the office, but you should keep in mind that you’ll still be with colleagues. You don’t want your boss seeing you in Converse and booty shorts at an awards ceremony…

Dress professionally – simple as that. No one will ever think that you look too professional. They’ll take you seriously, and your boss will be impressed with your commitment to the work environment!

Drinking Too Much

By far, this is the worst (and most annoying) etiquette mistake you can make – anywhere! Not only can it be worrisome and downright dangerous, you put everyone else’s experience in jeopardy. No one wants to deal with a loud, intoxicated person during an event. It’s not cute.

If you’re going to drink, be sure to have a safe ride home in advance. As well, you should watch what you’re drinking, and how much. Be responsible and alternate drinks with a non-alcoholic beverage. A drink or two is fine, but any more than that and you’re risking your reputation as a guest.

Requesting 100 Songs

Events have DJs for a reason! Although he may be playing a different genre than you’re used to, DJs are pretty good as mixing it up. There’s no problem with requesting an epic throwback, but when you’re spending more time waiting at the turntable than you are dancing, you need to take a step back.

There’s a reason this DJ was chosen by the planner and the host – most likely they love what he’s playing! So don’t get hung up on your personal tastes. Just enjoy the music and have fun.

How to plan a wedding playlist

Badgering the Host

Every planner will tell you what a nightmare it can be when the host is stressed out, especially when it’s due to guest behavior. That ranges from people hitting the bar too hard, as well as the ones who take up all of the host’s time. If you’re attending a big event, greeting the host and thanking them for the invitation is perfectly fine – but don’t follow them around all night. They will be extremely busy, and don’t want to tend to your every need.

If you’re attending a wedding, this point is crucial. Everyone wants their two minutes with the happy couple, and you should be mindful of sticking to a few minutes! A wedding with over 200 guests is stressful. The couple will want to see everyone they can, but they also want to enjoy the evening!

Consider how busy the host is at the moment if you’re planning to strike up a long conversation.

Bringing a Date

If your invitation doesn’t explicitly state that you are welcome to bring a +1, then don’t! This falls into the realm of RSVPs. It’s inconsiderate to the event planner when you bring an uninvited guest.

Generally, guests are welcome to the reception of a wedding once dinner is finished, but be sure to check with the bride and groom beforehand! Although your date won’t be eating dinner, they may still milk the open bar and after-dinner snacks.

Blocking the Photographer

We can’t tell you how many once-in-a-lifetime moments have been ruined by an excited guest clambering to get the best shot on their iPhone. When you do this, you are risking the photographer missing the shot they were paid to take with their very expensive camera.

Choosing a wedding photographer

Taking pictures is fine, but keep the flash off and stay out of the way! The couple hired a photographer to take photos of everyone – you’ll see the photos sooner or later! Be patient and enjoy yourself rather than snapping photos the entire time.

Keeping your etiquette in mind makes a huge difference for the event planner. You’re saving them time and stress by allowing them to run the event without fearing the worst!

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