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Quiz – Could You Pass an Event Planner Certification?

Are you considering enrolling in an online event planning school? While online learning is extremely convenient and rewarding, it also poses unique challenges for students. Being able to manage your time effectively is key, as well as being self-disciplined!

Getting your event planning certificate is a huge accomplishment (not to mention a fabulous way to start your career), so the journey is totally worth it! So, could you pass an event planner certification?

Take this quiz to find out if you’ve got what it takes!

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Learn about your options in the events industry and find an exciting career that you love!

One response to “Quiz – Could You Pass an Event Planner Certification?”

    Amanda Sorenson says:

    Yay!! I got “you’ve got this”!! I hope I get to start my certificate soon so I can get one step closer to my dream of being a wedding planner!

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