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What to Stock Up On For Your Event Planning Business

If you’re planning an event, you know what needs to be done to make your clients happy. But when it comes to building your business reputation, what should you keep on hand?

Save time and money by having everything you need at the ready. You’ll be able to attract new clients (and impress them) by being prepared at every consultation with a few key resources…

Read on to find out the 8 things that all event and wedding planners should stock up on for their business!

1. Thank-you notes

The main component of running an event planning business is providing exceptional client experience. Having thank-you notes on hand at your events is a huge step in landing a referral, and building a credible reputation in your area!

How to find wedding planning clients

Clients want to feel respected and feel good about giving you their business. On the flip-side, your role is to give them an unforgettable event – so do it with grace and always show appreciation to your customers.

And let’s be real, a hand-written note given in person means much more than an impromptu email sent a week later. Keep it professionally personal with a stack of stylish cards so that you can write a customized thank-you note to your clients.

2. First-aid supplies

This should always be in your car when you’re running an event – you never know what will happen! Whether it’s a small scrape on the knee or a blister from the bride’s heels, you want to keep your guests happy and stress-free. Being prepared for ANY emergency will show your clients how much you care about your role.

Just as well, you always want to have tissues, water, small snacks, pain medication, and comfortable shoes on hand. Building an event planner emergency kit will keep you at-the-ready!

3. Insurance

For everything! Event planning insurance is of the utmost importance to protect you and your business. Find a reliable insurance provider and make sure that your business is safe from unhappy clients or a ruined venue. Hopefully, you don’t have to use it, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Event and wedding planning insurance for venues

4. Emergency attire

A spare set of clothes can be a godsend for event and wedding planners. Not only for yourself on an exceptionally rainy day, but it can save a guest if they happen to spill red wine all over themselves! Keeping a couple of generic outfits – one casual, one formal – can make you into a hero. You never know, a guest might rip their dress and need your help.

On that note, you should always have a spare set of shoes with you when you’re at an event. Being in heels all day can take a huge toll on your body, and as an event planner, you need to be on the move. Make sure you have a pair of professional flats for yourself, plus an inexpensive pair of sandals to offer a guest whose feet are suffering!

5. Business advice

Stocking up on contacts probably isn’t what you expected to hear, but it’s crucial nonetheless! Having a reliable list of vendors will make planning easier, and it could save you from a wedding with no appetizers.

On top of having a long list of local vendors, you’ll want to keep a few other professionals in your midst…


A business lawyer can help you create solid contracts and give you advice if you come into trouble with a client. Being insured is all well and good, but knowing your options as a business owner is easier when the law is on your side! It’s always reassuring to get legal advice and know you have nothing to worry about.


Growing an event planning business is challenging. You need to create a solid business plan, manage budgets and salaries, and make sure you’re not going into debt. Now, you can do all of this yourself – but we highly recommend consulting with an accountant to set up your business model. Especially if you don’t have any financial training or experience, an accountant can provide resources and strategies you never would have known!

Legal forms for event planners

6. Backup drives

An absolute MUST for your event planning business. What would happen if your computer crashed and all of your client’s details and event plans went with it? Hint: you could lose a lot of business.

You need to have either physical copies or a backup hard drive of your event plans to make sure nothing gets lost. Keeping only one copy of your files is kind of foolish – you never know what will happen, and keeping your clients’ event on track is essential.

7. Business cards

Simple – never let yourself run out of business cards!

These are the keys to landing new clients and gaining referrals. Some clients will be so happy with you that they’ll want a whole stack to give out to their friends! You’ll also need some to supply vendors and local businesses with. This will help you build professional relationships and make yourself known as a professional event planner.

8. Templates & Examples

Your event planning portfolio will prove to be the most useful resource in your career. However, it’s what’s inside your portfolio that counts most! A few images of a styled shoot will show potential clients your event designs, but what they really want to know is that you can pull off a successful event.

Building an event and wedding portfolio

Give your client a glimpse into your planning process, and show off a few examples from previous events. Keep templates in your portfolio, including forms for client consultations and seating charts. You’ll give your clients a dose of confidence before they even see you in action!

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