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Trend Alert! Luxury Weddings For Non-Luxury Clients

It happens that 2017 is the time to show your loved ones just how much you really care. Throwing a luxurious party for a few select guests is the new trend in the planning industry, and we have to say – it’s a great idea!

Weddings can be total budget-busters, and it’s no fun when you have to account for more people than you wanted. When it comes to invites, we say keep the list short and the budget the same. Read on to find out why this trend is becoming increasingly popular for couples!

Better Budgeting

Needless to say, it’s extremely difficult to budget for a wedding with hundreds of people invited. There are estimates and guides, but you’re always worrying that you’ll be stuck with tons of food afterward (and a huge bar tab!).

Most couples have bid adieu to the open bar concept (simply because of the astonishing price tag), but we have a better idea: invite fewer people. Not only is it easier to keep track of RSVPs and meal choices, it saves your clients from losing a fortune on +1’s and wasted meals!

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Having your close family and friends at your wedding is all you really need, anyway. With this in mind, your clients should be able to reason with the fact that less is better. They’ll have more time to speak with every guest, they won’t have to worry about writing a zillion cards afterward, and they don’t need to fret about leaving just a few people out.
Granted, there will be some who will make a fuss over not getting an invite – but your clients can just give them the old “it was an intimate ceremony” excuse!

Classy Catering

With fewer guests, the budget can go down significantly – but why not use that newfound cash to give your clients the dream wedding they never thought they could afford? Go for the steak, hire a few of the town’s best bartenders, and order an absolutely stunning wedding cake!

We’re not saying you have to spend the whole 300-person budget on 30 people, but you can definitely use this wiggle room to give guests a wonderful experience. Go gourmet with food and drinks, book elaborate floral décor, and get that venue your clients thought was too expensive.

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Everyone knows that wedding food can sometimes be bland. Get your clients the best meal in town instead of putting them through the hardship of eating dry chicken or hard pork chops. A little change in price can go a long way, and keeping guests happy with a great dinner is a simple way to make the day that much better.

When we say “luxury”, it doesn’t have to bankrupt you. You can find a happy medium between saving some of the “big wedding” money and spending it on a luxurious day.

Destination Dreams

Have your clients always wanted to get hitched in Paris, but could never dream of eloping without their family? With this strategy, you can encourage them to bring some family along!

We’re not saying they need to foot the whole bill, but if your clients would rather spend their wedding with 10 close friends and family members in Paris, they should consider donating some cash. Use the wedding fund money to pay for a certain percentage of each guest’s flight. Honestly, you’ll probably have a few guests who are happy to pay the whole thing themselves!

When you get to your destination, your guests can pay for themselves if they want to go sightseeing. Your job is the wedding and reception – having that paid for is more than enough.

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One of the major perks of jumping on this luxury destination trend is already being on the honeymoon! If your clients want to travel through the South of France and into Spain, they can just hop on a train. No need to wait in an airport after the big day!

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