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How to Keep Your Focus in the Wedding Planning Industry (Part 2)

Last week, Heather Vickery gave us a few of her insights on why wedding planners should stay in their own lane. Follow up this week with her advice on how to be successful in the wedding industry!

How in the world can I be great at overseeing everything and building the big picture if I am printing DIY invitations or assembling centerpieces?

Not only is it unhealthy for a planner to think they can be doing all of these things, it is deadly in the industry. No one wants to work with the company that does it all because it is direct competition. If you know someone who sells rental equipment but also does “day-of event planning” why would you send clients there? Alternatively, a wedding planner that is also a makeup artist – this makes me scratch my head. Wedding planners are busy the morning of an event. They don’t have time to be doing someone’s makeup, even if they are really great at it.

Decide which one you want to focus on and do that thing. Stay in your own lane in the wedding industry. Do the one thing that you completely rock and then surround yourself with experts in all other areas. Your management of these things is what sets you apart from the crowd.

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Another important aspect is to know that the job you (or any of the other vendors) are doing helps the entire team succeed. The photographer needs to focus on taking amazing photos. That means they cannot and should not be worrying about where the transportation is, how much time they have until they arrive at the cocktail party or if the personal flowers will show up on time. You, as the planner, can have all of this covered in your event timeline and if communicated clearly, release any extra stress from the photographer so they can focus on just taking amazing photos.

Let other industry professionals do their job. Stop micromanaging them, but ensure they are supported. If you do your job really well, it will contribute to the overall success of the event and those vendors will want to work with you over and over again. This is how you build a network. This is how you build a referral base. This is how you have happy clients.

The fastest way you dig yourself into a hole within the industry is to try and become everyone to the client. You will crash and burn because it simply isn’t possible. You have an opportunity to be a true leader by stepping confidently into your role as the “boss” of the event. Know what everyone’s job is but entrust them to do it. Hire people and companies that you know will produce the best results for the best price and blow your clients’ minds.

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This is one of your wedding planning superpowers. This is why people hire you – because you can put a creative team together that will blow the top off of their event. A true leader steps back and watches what they have created become an amazing reality – they are not in the trenches trying to do three different people’s jobs.

Find the thing you are extremely good at and do that thing. Stay in your own lane. You’ll thank me later.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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