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Are You Keeping Up With These HOT Event Planning Trends?

When it comes to event planning, you have to adapt or perish…okay, it’s not that dramatic, but keeping up with trends is necessary if you want your business to thrive! The industry is becoming more and more competitive, so knowing the latest trends and being able to execute your clients’ unique vision can give you a leg up in the industry.

You may even become a trendsetter in the process by combining your own personal creativity with existing trends. Want to find out if you really are at the top of your game? Keep reading!

Unique venues

Convention centers for events are so played out. By setting an event in an unfamiliar place, you can generate curiosity from guests who may be wondering what other unsuspecting things are in store for them.

When it comes to weddings, historical mansions, public gardens, and locations deep in a forest are particularly popular this year. It doesn’t mean that people are gravitating towards dingy or creepy spaces. The point of opting for an out-of-the-ordinary venue location is to provide everyone in attendance with a unique experience and some beautiful photos to capture the event.

The only drawback is that the logistics that have to be figured out from scratch. Sure, it can be easy to find vendors who are able to transport their catered goods to a familiar banquet hall in the middle of town, but it can be trickier to arrange for the same service out of their usual business radius.

Unique wedding venue at castle

Oasis of relaxation

These spaces are common in the festival sphere. From couches to hammocks, we’ve seen them all! But importing an oasis of relaxation for big, corporate events can be useful as people need a space where they can just pause and relax from actively trying to network!

To make sure that guests have a truly relaxed atmosphere, this oasis must be separated from the rest of the event. If people are trying to relax but are constantly surrounded by people milling about and having loud conversations, they won’t be able to get any sort of break. You may want to look into unplugged events or unplugged zones! Unplugged zones are particularly helpful at events where attendees’ full attention is needed.

You don’t need to have burning incense and yoga mats to impart an effective, stress-free space. Adding relaxed music and plenty of plants to a room with indirect, natural light will block the excitable energies from chattering attendees and allow those who need a quick recharge to get one.

Appealing to the senses

Popular events these days are diversifying their focus by giving their attendees an immersive experience along with trying to deliver the key messages from special presentations. These experiences don’t have to be directly related to your client’s company or brand. Increasingly, it’s all about user experience. Whether it’s renting the latest virtual reality technology for attendees to test out, or securing a carnival ride, the best marketing is creating memories people want to share.

It may be easier to think about the event as a wedding. The main reason why people are attending a ceremony and reception is to celebrate the happy couple. The most memorable part of the wedding will come from the  stunning event decor and location, the delectable food and beverages, and the strong feeling of love in the atmosphere. All of this cannot be possible without a savvy event planner!

Meal for wedding dinner

Audience participation

Audience participation goes hand-in-hand with the immersive sensory experience. We need to stop seeing a divide between “us” and “them” when it comes to events. Once everyone is inside an event location and the ball is rolling, the participants are just as important as the guests of honor or the corporate big-wigs who organized it. A successful event is defined by the attendees who have a great time at the event and continue to talk about it after the fact!

The logistics of integrating a live Twitter stream (or live-streaming in general) can be difficult if you’re just starting out, but it can create some genuinely engaging experiences. Conventions with expert panels who take audience questions can start engaging conversations that benefit everyone in attendance. Some companies may want to do this, but it’s up to you, the planner, to figure out if it’s possible to set up with their budget.

Sustainability & Environmentalism

Eco-friendly events are all the rage at the moment. As people are becoming more and more conscious of their environmental footprint, big companies are doing the same in response. If your clients already have big goals towards sustainability, it’s easy to incorporate their green vision with the event you plan for them.

Not only will it foster goodwill between your clients and their attendees, but environmentally-conscious events can reduce the amount of waste left behind! Conferences often give out swag bags or have single-serving packages of items that more often end up in the bin than at home. Why not digitize gift vouchers or use environmentally-friendly materials? Working with local suppliers and producers can also reduce the environmental impact of the event while providing attendees with high-quality local products.

It’s not just the planning process where emerging technologies are making a big impact. Find out how to add more technology to your next event!


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