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5 Winter Event Décor Trends That Never Disappoint

When the temperature outside starts to drop, it’s your job as an event planner to start adding winter décor into your events. For many planners, this is one of the most beautiful times of the year – the jewel tones, glitter, and warm lighting are magical!

While it was tough to narrow down our favorite winter event décor trends, we’ve managed to put together a list that will undoubtedly inspire your upcoming events throughout the season. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and read on for our top winter picks!

1. Nature-inspired everything

Snow-covered pinecones and evergreen branches are two of the most recognizable winter elements, and guess what? They translate beautifully into event décor! One of our favorite event trends is nature-inspired décor, as it lends a rustic and charming air to any event, be it a birthday party, wedding, milestone party, or corporate event. And, because it’s rooted in natural elements, this décor works for both indoor and outdoor events!

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Wreaths, in particular, are an amazing way to bring a little winter wonder into your event. We love wreath centerpieces as part of a place setting, and recommend choosing a wreath with either woven branches or ones made of green firs, and sprucing them up with accents of your choice – ribbons, glitter, berries, or fake snow are all gorgeous!

Pine cones are another winter event décor trend that we can’t get enough of! These are incredibly versatile as well, and can be placed in a bride’s bouquet, set up in a vase centerpiece, or even arranged on a cake.

Feeling creative? Spray paint them your color of choice and make sure they match the rest of your décor! Nature-inspired event décor will bring a feeling to your clients’ event that they’ll never forget!

2. Long tablescapes

Throughout your event planning career, you’ll plan a number of different events over four seasons. Spring, summer and fall events all have their own atmosphere, but winter events always tend to be the most elegant and sophisticated. This is due to a few different factors including candlelight, specific colors, and long tablescapes. A long table at a wedding or other party is a wonderful way to make the most out of winter event décor, as it can be lined with candles, centerpieces, and textured table runners in order to create a cozy, elegant atmosphere.

Wooden tables, in particular, will allow your clients and their guests to feel as though they’re in a cozy cabin, and adding sparkling accents and beautiful lighting will take that feeling to the next level. Tablescapes are a fantastic opportunity to create decorative arrangements, and long tablescapes are a way of taking things above and beyond, allowing a wedding reception or dinner party to feel cozy and refined.

3. Ice

It’s no secret that hosting a winter event can be tricky – the weather is cold and sometimes wet, and both your clients and their guests will not want to spend a good deal of time outdoors in the frosty air. However, you can make the most of this season by incorporating one of our favorite décor trends into all of your winter events – ice!

If your clients are looking for a wintery touch that won’t break the bank, consider an ice sculpture, centerpiece, or even pillars. Ice sculptures can be commissioned by companies that specialize in creating icy art that will fit your clients’ theme, and they can expect to pay between $80-$300, depending on the size of the piece and what type of design it is.

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Another way to incorporate ice that’s both original and functional? Create ice platters that can hold cold food – they’re guaranteed to be conversation pieces, and will add a serious winter feel to your event! If you’re not keen on using actual ice as part of your event’s décor, read on for our next trend…

4. Gems and glass

We understand that ice sculptures and other icy decorations may not be everyone’s style, so you’ll likely run into clients who are against this trend. Don’t fret, though – winter is the time for beautiful glass accents and accessories, as well as white and lightly colored gems! We’re huge fans of centerpieces that have a pearlescent or translucent glow to them, and this effect can be easily created by incorporating items such as glass beads and other twinkly pieces. These give the illusion of ice crystals without having to be outside, or worry about a sculpture or other display melting under a heat lamp or inside a ballroom.

Gems and glass can also be paired with winter colors such as chocolate brown or maroon, as they are so light and versatile and add just a hint of sparkle to any decorative item. Just as pinecones work extremely well in bridal bouquets, so do these small accents, and they can be added easily to a bride’s dress, veil, or bouquet. So, if ice isn’t your thing, don’t worry – use these instead to create a frosty illusion!

5. Fur, flannels and knits

As your clients plan their event, they’ll likely have some anxiety about the weather. Winter events and weather go hand-in-hand, since it can have a serious effect on the outcome of an event. It’s your job as an event planner to find ways of bringing warmth and comfort to both your clients and their guests. After all, you want to make sure everyone enjoys themselves, no matter how cold the temperature (or how icy the roads!). One way to ensure that everyone stays cozy and warm is to bring furs, flannels, and knits into the décor. The good news? This is an incredibly easy thing to do!

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In general, venues can be a little unpredictable when it comes to temperature, as some blast the heat while others can be quite drafty. Ask your client what temperature they prefer, and work closely with the venue owner to ensure that level is maintained. As the event planner, however, you can make sure your clients and their guests are warm (even if the venue is a bit chilly) by adding pretty shawls to the event décor that match the overall theme. Stack these items, whether they’re furs, flannels, knits or blankets, at the entrance of the venue or drape them over chairs and encourage everyone to take one and stay cozy.

We just love seeing clients and guests happy and comfortable at our event, so warm pieces are (obviously) some of our favorite winter décor trends!

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    Becca Holton says:

    It’s so true that snow-covered pinecones and evergreen branches are the most recognizable winter elements. I’ll have to try incorporating that into my living decor. I like to have my home decorated in a way that goes along with the current season.

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