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6 Lifestyle Perks to Having a Wedding Planning Certification

There are serious perks to completing your wedding planning certification, including gaining career-boosting skills and knowledge and impressing clients. But beyond these job-related perks, there are 6 lifestyle perks to having a wedding planning certification that are total game changers, like earning a great salary and being able to travel!

Read on for a full list of the benefits you’ll enjoy with a wedding planning certification, and get ready to amp up your career!

1. Regularly sharing in happily ever afters

Many aspiring wedding planners pursue this career path because they imagine it to be both challenging and glamorous. While wedding planning is indeed challenging and rewarding, it will provide you with a front row seat to some of the happiest, most wonderful days you can imagine.

Your clients are planning their wedding day, which is going to be the most important day of their entire relationship, and one that they will remember for the rest of their lives. All your hard work and expertise will go into the details of this event (and we’re not going to sugar coat things for you – wedding planning is very hard work!), but it will undoubtedly be worth it when you get to be part of the couple’s happiness.

We can’t guarantee that every wedding you plan will be flawless, but we can bet that you’ll be smiling by the end of most weddings you execute, and as a wedding planner, this is something you can feel great about!

2. A great salary

You wouldn’t step into a new career without having an idea of your eventual salary, and we recommend doing your research before pursuing a wedding planning certification. You’ll need all the facts, of course.

In this case, though, we’ll help you out – in general, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for a wedding planner is $44,260. This is a great starting point for your career and a serious perk to having your wedding planning certification. Keep in mind that this number can (and will) fluctuate very easily based on the event itself, the number of guests, and your own experience and education.

Not only is wedding planning a rewarding career, it’s also a profitable one that will provide you with a great living! There is SO much to look forward to.

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3. Serious confidence

We would never tell you to be boastful, but you can certainly feel good about earning a wedding planning certification! Not only did you devote the time and energy needed to get properly trained (which shows real discipline and commitment), you also possess skills and knowledge to take the industry by storm. And you should feel both confident and energized by this!

A wedding planning certification is your ticket to networking (more on that later), building your brand, and finding your dream job. Be sure to indicate this achievement on your website and social media pages, and share it when meeting other professionals. You’ve earned bragging rights, and potential employers will pick up on how you carry yourself. Do so with pride!

4. The option to start your own business

Did you know that some wedding planning courses will actually prepare you to start your own business? If you have your sights set on business ownership down the line, make sure to do your due diligence before enrolling in an event planning school. You’ll want to make sure that the course you choose includes business training, as this will teach you about the different types of businesses, how to finance your company, choose an insurance package, and write a business plan (to name just a few)!

Being your own boss can truly be a dream job, affording you a great deal of freedom with your work schedule, clientele, and salary. And it’s totally doable with the right training, experience, and of course, your wedding planning certification. Being able to hit the ground running when the time comes to start your own business is a huge perk!

5. The chance to travel

Depending on which type of wedding planning you choose to do, you could find yourself jet-setting around the world on a regular basis. One of the most exciting event planning careers is, hands-down, destination wedding planning. It requires you, the wedding planner, to have your passport ready at all times!

Before we get carried away with telling you all about destination wedding planning, we should preface this by letting you know that this type of role is not for the faint of heart. It requires a ton of hard work and can often be even more challenging than planning weddings locally. To give you a real window into what it’s like, QC Event School tutor and destination wedding planner Candice Coppola recently shared her insights with us.

That being said, however, you’ll be able to travel far and wide to scope out venues, plan wedding details, and actually see your plans come to fruition as a wedding planner. If you love to travel, then consider this a massive benefit of your wedding planning certification!

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6. Networking opportunities

In order to be a wedding planner, you have to be a people person. There’s really no two ways about it! In this role, you’ll be meeting new people constantly, from clients to vendors to other event and wedding planners. Because of this, you’ll need to keep up with your industry connections in order to grow your business and gain referrals.

As we mentioned earlier, the confidence that your wedding planning certification gives you will be great in helping you form relationships. Networking is a huge part of wedding planning, so be sure to keep a vendor list with up-to-date contact information. Always make sure that you stay on good business terms with your vendors.

Some great ways to network are to attend conferences, keep your blog and website updated with testimonials and news, and host meet-and-greet events. You’ll find that your contact list grows as a result of these efforts, and who knows – you may just land your dream job as a result! Consider your wedding planning certification as your guide into a whole network of possibilities.

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