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6 Event Decor Trends Due for a Comeback in 2018

Trends for 2018 are largely similar to what was around last year. Rustic designs are still in our periphery with the DIY eco-material ethic following swiftly, but we need to make room for new ideas so our events and weddings don’t feel outdated the second we’re done decorating.

We all know that décor trends are cyclical. The beauty is that different colors, shapes, textures, patterns, and materials cycle through at different rates. This means that if the color blue is on trend for 5 years, 2-3 different patterns will come and go in that time, but all will be relevant and modern.

You won’t necessarily agree with some of the items we’re including on this list, but hear us out! These décor trends have seen some glorious days in the past, so there’s no reason they can’t be in vogue once again.

Now, let’s get into it!

1. Brass & copper

We’re already seeing a resurgence of these warm metallic finishes on Pinterest. Remember when the turquoise and gold chevron pattern was on nails, phone cases, fashion, furniture—everything? We’ve moved on from the zig-zag pattern of yesteryear, but pairing a warm, metallic color with neutrals both hard and soft still makes sense in today’s event landscape.

Clean, muted neutrals in blue and green are complementary to the orange tones in the metals and allow the metallic adages to shine! Here’s another bonus: when the Moscow Mule surges up in popularity again, we’ll already have the copper drink-ware for it!

2. Handwoven décor

macrame art DIY

Handwoven rattan outdoor furniture and wicker baskets aren’t coming back (at least not yet!), but the art of hand-weaving shouldn’t be deemed as “out” altogether. Weaving yarns and ropes together to create tight, geometric patterns can elevate the overall feel of the décor, or make the space feel homely. The textures make for interesting table runners and hanging panels for photo backdrops. To take a page from the home decorating book, why not suspend potted plants using macramé plant hangers?

3. Floral patterns

Fresh flowers will always gain more favor with people than printed variations, but flowers don’t always make sense for every event. If you’re planning an evening/night event in an underground club space, paper flowers make more sense than pollinating plants.

If you’re bringing in loveseats and carpets into the venue, add a twist to the solid, jewel-toned furnishing by adding a bold floral print. We’re not saying to use chintz upholstery—that trend should be left to rest for another decade—but using large floral print to boldly contrast with a darker background can make an interesting statement to shake up your décor.

4. The loud and the bright

electric blue pop of color event decor
Pastels and muted colors were big in event décor in the last few years. We’ve seen so much of it that frankly, we think it’s time to put them to rest and go back to bold, in-your face colors. We aren’t saying that you should be swapping out every selection in a color scheme for dramatic shades—that would be overwhelming to look at! But accent colors should scale up from being just a shade or two brighter to full-on electrifying palettes of blues, ultra-violets, and oranges!

As we cruise up to the end of the millennium’s second decade, let’s ditch the passive pastels and kick things into high-gear.

5. Tartan & Plaid

We won’t go over the difference between tartan & plaid here, but these two prints should not only be reserved for kilts and grungy button-ups. They’ve had quite an insurgence in popularity in ‘90s fashion and has made the widely recognizable prints a staple in every outdoorsman’s and fashion-expert’s closet. If it’s working so well in our wardrobe, why not take things to the next level and use it to decorate?

We don’t need excessive amounts of this intersectional-band print in order to justify its use! It can be tasteful and versatile if the colors in the print are neutral or more muted. Check out this use of plaid ribbon and these cozy tweed and tartan-wrapped tin cans!

6. Lace Doilies

doily decor for 2018

Associated with tea-time and grandmas, doilies don’t have the greatest rap with those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s. You can still purchase doilies from the dollar store, but they usually come in unappetizing patterns.

To modernize the dated look, let’s move it away from the floral tablecloths and delicate china, and add more geometric cuts into the pattern. Using the doilies over a simple, pared-down neutral tablecloth can make the fabrics cozier and decorated without having to fork over an arm and a leg!

Have we convinced you? Let us know what other trends are due for a comeback below!

Keeping up with trends is part of your job as a planner! Find out where to find event planning trend inspiration for 2018!

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    Kathy Rowe says:

    Lovely trends! Flowers are always a good idea, no matter if you use fresh or paper flowers, they always add some charm to the whole picture.

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