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6 Must-Have Skills You Gain from Wedding Planning Courses Online

If you’re thinking about becoming a full-time wedding planner, you can’t go wrong with taking a course! You’re guaranteed to learn everything you need to know to succeed in the industry. But how can you know that you’re choosing the right courses? Well, you can read reviews online to find out if graduates found the courses to be beneficial once they started working in the industry.  Some schools may have spotlight segments on their graduates, too. You can follow along with their careers and find out the skills they pick up from their classes.

We don’t doubt the value of hard skills, but soft skills are everything in the wedding planning industry. What else do you expect? It’s a career focused on producing one of the happiest, most personal moments of people’s lives! Having great communication skills is just the tip of the iceberg…

Read on to find out the must-have skills you’ll gain from your wedding planning course!

Client Care

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A wedding is much more involved than a regular event! You don’t just have to take care of the logistics of the event. Depending on the couple, they might consult you about guest lists, wedding attire, and honeymoon destinations!

Being personable will score you clients, but it’s not your most important trait. Your best weapon for providing excellent client service? Your listening skills! Listen to exactly what they want because it’s ultimately an event for them! Most of your clients will likely not have planned a wedding before. It seems easy: flowers, décor, music, officiant, food, venue. But when it comes down to the details, it can get complicated. By learning to listen, you can produce an event that will satisfy your client and make their vision a reality, while also minimizing their stress.

Being present (mentally and physically) for your clients can be exhausting. But when you’re expected to be a liaison between your clients, their families, and your vendors… you have no choice. However, you do have a choice when it comes to being professional, kind, and empathetic!

Emotional empathy

Wedding planning isn’t like other business or community events. It’s an intimate event where your goal isn’t just finding a good DJ or the perfect table linens. You also have to build an atmosphere that makes the whole event feel meaningful. How should the guests feel? More importantly, how should the betrothed feel during the wedding and afterward at the reception?

Whereas a company that throws a less-than-amazing corporate event has the chance to get back on their feet in future events, a bride and groom only have one chance. An aspiring wedding planner should learn how to be attuned to their client’s needs. It can be difficult if the planner hasn’t ever been married before. But an intimate study of building atmospheres and an experienced tutor will help you hone in on your emotional empathy.


Pinterest is a fantastic hub for finding inspiration. But it can only take you so far. What if your clients are quirky or out-of-the-ordinary? It may be difficult to find fun décor and planning ideas online for a couple who defy the conventional. Not to mention if your clients are big dreamers with small budgets. To create the perfect wedding for your clients, you’ll have to be creative.

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Did you know that creativity is born from the need to problem solve? Budget restrictions and last-minute issues are the most common culprits. Creativity means thinking on your feet, but it also means being able to do research. Other wedding planners may have encountered the same problems. There’s no harm in looking towards others to spark the imagination!

Everyone wants a one-of-a-kind wedding. It won’t just benefit your current clients when you’re inventive. When you’re building your portfolio and client base, your creativity needs to shine through. Great creativity means fantastic referrals from happy clients and outstandingly colorful photosets for your portfolio. Let your work speak for itself!

Attention to Detail

If you’re setting a table, you know that there’s a big difference between using a cloth napkin and a paper one. They both achieve the same final goalkeeping clean during meals—but they have different characteristics. Can a disposable napkin really achieve the same luxurious feel? What if your clients demand it?

You can just throw together a wedding all willy-nilly, but this won’t lead to a thriving business. After all, there are some things that all events have in common. But, it’s the smaller choices that sets some events apart from others. Details are what guests and your clients will remember! Attention to detail means going that extra mile. Clients are surprised and impressed when you give attention to details—but really, it’s all part of the job.

Remember: being attuned to the nuances doesn’t mean you should just be laser-focused. Keeping an eye on the bigger picture is just as important!


Keeping to-do lists, calendars, and budget sheets for one client is hard enough. But you’ll likely juggle a few weddings at a time. With so many duties going at the same time, how can you make sure you’re always on the ball?

Luckily, organization and planning go hand-in-hand! After all, many people use these two terms interchangeably. Being organized doesn’t mean planning everything down to the last detail—although this works for some people! It just means that you’ve found a way to make sure that all your priorities get the attention they need. Amazing service means keeping up with timelines and tracking your spend. But it also means scheduling time to take care of your business.

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Maintaining your website and social media, seeking out new contacts and vendors, and following up with inquirers are all important tasks. If you’re not naturally organized, it’s not the end of the world! The good news is, organization can be learned!


Negotiating on behalf of your clients is super important! Couples hire wedding planners to save them time and to take advantage of your professional expertise. The next most common reason? Professional wedding planners have incredible negotiating power!

Florists, caterers, decorators, entertainment—these are just some of the vendors you’ll work with to plan a wedding. We mentioned the importance of client care—this lends to your vendors too! Building professional relationships takes time. But when you’ve built a reliable and dedicated list of vendors, your business (and theirs) will grow! Being diplomatic means arguing for your client’s interests while making sure your vendors are satisfied, too! A good wedding planning course taught by an experienced planner should give you the inside scoop on effective negotiation tactics.

Are there any other must-have skills we missed?

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