learning the true meaning of luxury

Learn the True Meaning of Luxury with Event Planning Courses

When a client says, “I want a luxury wedding!” but has a low-end budget, your head might feel like it’s about to pop off. Though “luxury” is often used synonymously with “expensive,” the truth is that it doesn’t have to be.

Event planners, with training and experience, will come to know the true meaning of luxury. And that it isn’t necessarily expensive! So when your client says they want a luxury wedding on a budget, it can actually be a reasonable request.

We’re about to break down how to achieve a luxury wedding as well as how event planning courses will help you to do so! Keep reading!

achieving luxury

Achieving Luxury

Like I said, giving your customers the luxurious wedding of their dreams on a low budget is totally possible. There is a fear that a budget luxury wedding will end up tacky, but that’s something you’ll learn to avoid in your wedding planning courses. Let’s go over some main concepts that will help you achieve luxury without spending a fortune.

The Venue

Venues can eat up a large chunk of your client’s budget if you’re not careful. Of course, your venue is the base for the rest of your wedding. So you want to land a good one. If you feel confident in your ability to decorate on a budget, you can save a ton of money by settling for a plain, more “general” venue.

On the other hand, by landing a fantastic, luxurious venue, you might be able to save a ton of money on décor. So communicate with your clients and determine what they want. If they’re willing to drop a large portion of their budget on the perfect luxury venue, go for it!

The Guest List

By far the easiest way to achieve luxury in a wedding with a lower budget is to have a small guest list. Consider the cost-per-guest when planning a luxury wedding. A wedding with a $100,000 budget but 500 guests is only spending $200 per guest – which isn’t exactly luxurious. If your clients don’t consider a large guest list a necessity, cut it down to a small wedding! Spending more per guest means more luxurious elements available in proportion to each guest!

choosing a menu for a luxury wedding

The Menu

Avoid expensive four course meals when your clients don’t have room for it in their budget. Consider other options such as a cocktail reception. Get waiters and venue staff to dress according to your luxury theme. This will certainly give the wedding a luxury feel.

The Details

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: luxury is in the details! The décor, venue, food, and even staff clothing all have to tie together! The key to this is subtlety – otherwise you will certainly overdo it.

Of course, attention to detail doesn’t have to be expensive! You’ll master the art of subtlety and perfection in your event planning courses.

Learning the True Meaning Through Your Course

Now that we’ve gone over how luxury can be achieved, we need to go over how you’ll come to understand the real meaning of luxury through your courses… And why it’s so important!

Understanding Your Clients

While completing any of QC’s online event courses, you’ll practice your client skills through a number of assignments. This practice is critical in helping you, as an event planner, understand your client on a different level.

By understanding your clients and what they want, you’ll discover the true meaning of luxury. As cheesy as it may sound, luxury runs deeper than silverware or fancy venues. Each client’s idea of luxury will differ. Different clients have different expectations, and QC’s courses will teach you to work with them and understand what their idea of luxury is.

working with vendors to understand luxury weddings

Working with Vendors

When we talked “achieving luxury,” it was focused on money and budget. Working with vendors efficiently is a critical skill to have as a successful event planner. It’s also going to help you save money! Event planning courses prepare you to deal with different vendors and form relationships that will help you in the long run.

Forming bonds with vendors in your area will help you achieve luxury according to your client’s expectations. Again, luxury is in the details. Having strong relationships with the best vendors will help you achieve such detail in an affordable manner.

Staying Organized

From time management to organizing meetings with clients or vendors, your online event planning courses will teach you to stay organized. Staying organized will help you with everything we’ve already mentioned in this article!

True luxury does not come from how much money you put into it. By taking an online event planning course, you’ll learn to understand your clients and give them the luxurious wedding of their dreams – all within their budget.

What does luxury mean to you? Let us know in a comment!

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