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6 Events You NEED Party Planner Classes to Pull Off

We’re not going to lie to you. No, event planning courses aren’t technically necessary for you to become an event planner. But succeeding in the events industry without any formal knowledge of how to plan an event is difficult to say the least. How can you possibly know how much of your budget to allocate to venue costs and insurance as a newbie? A mix of formal training and practical experience is the best way for you to learn every aspect of the planning process and then apply it.

Read on for six events you need party planner classes to pull off!

1.      Sport events

sports events

Imagine planning the Olympics or the World Cup! Besides hiring a production company to ensure the whole world can enjoy the game from the comfort of their own homes, you also need to ensure people at the game are having a good time.

Picture the Super Bowl. For non-sport fans, the halftime show steals the show! Coordinating the halftime show and making sure it goes without a hitch is a big task. While most events you plan won’t be at that scale, the basics of coordinating entertainment are the same.

2.      Weddings

Weddings are arguably one of the biggest celebrations one can have over the course of one’s lifetime. In fact, there’s a reason why weddings are a $76 billion per year industry! As weddings become larger affairs, many couples are hiring wedding and event planners to take the reins.

And if a couple wants to plan a destination wedding for 40 people to a country they’ve never been to before? You’ll need to consider travel expenses, tourism programs, travel and medical insurance, and finding an officiant from abroad. And these are just the tip of the iceberg!

3.      Grand Opening

ribbon cutting ceremony

Grand openings for businesses are huge parties celebrating new beginnings. If you’ve ever been one of the first to go to a new restaurant, you’ll know that they often have a soft opening followed by a grand opening. Grand openings are often coordinated efforts with live entertainment and food and drink specials.

For example, many breweries host pop-ups with other restaurants and establishments to really kick things up a notch. With their expertise rested squarely in their food and beverages, they often hire planners to bring their vision into reality.

4.      Product Launches

In the same vein as a grand opening, tech companies host product launches to celebrate the latest-and-greatest inventions. Invitations go out to key players in the industry, tech executives, press, and influencers. The exclusivity of this event means the hired security team needs to be on its toes. Not to mention the fact that most tech companies aren’t going to readily have licenses for food, drink, music, and video. They’ll need someone with ample party planning experience to ensure every part of the production is carefully planned. The better the event, the better the associated product!

5.      Festivals

use your event planner certification for festival season

Despite festival season being in the summer months, festivals celebrating art, food, music, and culture occur year round. Even the numerous local county fairs count! Festivals often expect attendance in the tens of thousands, so shutting down streets is often necessary. And many festivals have both entertainment AND food. Coordinating AV equipment, permits, and licenses along with waste management solutions can be a headache! Especially since many festivals are free to attend, the best planners know their local regulations by heart.

6.      Charity Gala

Charities often hire professional event planners to ensure their events meet their fundraising expectations. After all, charity galas often feature many “luxury” elements, and the money generated by the event must offset the costs associated with throwing it.

Securing advertising and sponsorships also inject more money into the event. It takes a true professional to ensure that they make enough money to justify the effort. Especially since it would harm the reputation of a charity to spend more money than what they make, it’s necessary to bring a deft and experienced planner on board.

What do all these events have in common?

what can you do with your party planner certification

The main goal of these events is celebration. These are all occasions that put an aspect of culture to the forefront of people’s attention. While anyone can plan a simple birthday party, as an event grows larger, more considerations must be made. You wouldn’t need security guards for a 50th wedding celebration (unless you’re a celebrity), but you would for an Apple Special Event. Some aspects of the planning process are intuitive, but others aren’t so.

Taking a party planner class ensures you can anticipate needs and potential disasters. A great course will be taught and tutored by experienced event planning professionals. They’ll be able to guide you and provide you with insider tips on how to get things done. You wouldn’t want your first clients to hire you and then watch as you commit embarrassing rookie mistakes. If you have the chance to do it right the first time, why wouldn’t you assure your success?

Are there any other events that could benefit from party planner classes? Let us know!

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