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Top 5 Places to Find Event Decor

Just launching your event decorating business and don’t have your own decor yet? What if you’re working with a client who has her own strict budget? Whatever your situation is, there’s always another way around a tight budget.

Luckily, decor can be personalized to everyone’s tastes when it comes to how they want their event to look. All it takes is a little creativity and good listening skills to find out what your client actually likes. Pair that with a willingness to go above and beyond and you’re golden!

Ready or not, here’s where to find the best event decor for every budget…


etsy retailers sell their own handmade decor for special events

For the clients who love artisan goods made with love. Etsy is a treasure trove of gems. You’ll find vintage candlesticks from Romania, gold leaf crowns from Greece, and hand-blown glass swans from India. You’re connected with the artists themselves and have access to goods you won’t find in your local vicinity.

Many Etsy creators also have personalization options for their products. Expect to pay a little more for these small-batch, handmade goods. Read the reviews and give these vendors plenty of time to fulfil your order. If they market themselves as specialty event decor vendors, they’re often well aware of the wedding timeline. In fact, many wedding and event planners become sellers on Etsy after discovering their passion for making unique event decor items.

If you’re building a unique inventory of goods, this is it. Your decor inventory will be filled with goods made by artisans who are just as passionate about events as you are!

Specialty retailers

Whether it’s a public charity event or a wedding reception, there are a variety of specialty retailers that offer everything you need in one place. For wedding decor, The Wedding Shoppe offers personalized favors and decor items for large groups of people. They even off discounts to sweeten the deal for the budget-savvy bride. We’re talking stationary, banners, cake toppers, serving knives, and event apparel! There’s no shortage of options!

For other celebrations, Party City offers decor covering a variety of themes. You’ll find your 40th anniversary banners and your Christmas LED lights. But you’ll also find decor for more obscure holidays such as Eid and the Day of the Dead. Plus, if your clients are into offbeat themes, they have flamingo and donut themed party supplies!


you can gather lots of event decorating materials from the outdoors

That’s right. Hit the outdoors! This is the most economical way of decorating your event and can look absolutely stunning if done right. You’ll need to be realistic, though. If you’re throwing a fall event, you can certainly find plenty of twigs, colorful leaves, and pine cones to decorate your event. But if your client wants hydrangeas or cherry blossoms… you’re not going to find these in your local wooded area.

Gather as much as you can in the coming days before the event, but have a backup plan. Nature can be fickle! You don’t want to wait until the last minute and have muddy or wet leaves in your centerpieces. Scavenge the outdoors as best you can, grab some twinkle lights, and buy some colorful flowers to punch it up!

Thrift shop / vintage shop

Some clients may not be up for a thrifting adventure. But those who don’t mind second-hand items will love visiting the thrift or vintage shops! For the budget client who loves one-of-a-kind items, you’ll find pieces that can be re-used again and again depending on the styles and tastes of your normal clientele.

Vintage stores are generally pricier than thrift stores. However, you know there is a certain degree of curation when you’re visiting a vintage goods establishment. Start with the thrift stores and see what you can find. You may also wish to visit a flea market and try bargaining your way to a great deal. Remember that not everything will be in the best condition. Expect to put a little elbow grease and DIY skills to spruce something up. This leads us to the final item on our list…

vintage chairs from vintage shops consignment stores or flea market


For those who want to hack their way to success! Pinterest is one of the biggest hubs for event and wedding planners, decorators, and the ordinary Jane who loves inspired decor. You can rework something your clients brought to you that they want revamped for the big event. You could also upgrade that dusty wooden barrel that’s been sitting around for ages.

Just hop online, look for inspiration, and think of the timeline. Be mindful of your resources. Some things are definitely DIY-able, but time and budget constraints may make it impossible. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, though, the only limit is your creativity. With thousands of DIY tutorials online, you won’t have to look too long to find what you’re looking for.

Where do you like to find your decor? Tell us your success stories below!

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