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Top Cities for Event Planners in 2020

Move over, NYC! There’s a new list of the top US cities for event and wedding planners, and you’re going to be surprised! Smaller cities are the place to be this year. While large metropolis areas will always be sure bets for any professional planner, we want to explore the lesser-known areas of the country and find interesting places where a new event and wedding planner can really shine in 2020.

These cities were chosen based on economic and job growth, combined with local attractions that might make them hot event destinations in the New Year.

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#10: Baton Rouge, LA

Steeped in Creole tradition, and located on the beautiful Mississippi river, Baton Rouge is a fast-growing city with a perfect location for a traditional southern destination wedding. Its architecture, culture, and fantastic local cuisine make it an attractive venue for young couples looking for a convenient escape and unique wedding.

#9: Portland, OR

Portland is one of my favorite US cities! Spend some time on the waterfront or in its local market, and you’ll notice an amazingly “chill” vibe in the air. It makes you want to put your feet up and read a good book on a park bench. Gotta love it! For an event planner, Portland has no shortage of cool spaces to host uniquely-themed events. Every type of event imaginable can be held in this unique part of the country!

#8: Dallas, TX

Sure, Dallas might not be the first place most people think of when it comes to event planning. But its stunningly diverse arts scene makes it an attractive region to host parties and weddings for any real art enthusiast. Dallas’s arts district covers an impressive 20 square blocks (!) and features an impressive array of museums, performance venues, restaurants, and more.

Dallas is also a local corporate hub, and home to thousands of professionals and families. As a creative event planning professional, just imagine the possibilities!

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#7: Cleveland, OH

Home to some of the most die-hard sports fans anywhere in the US, Cleveland is an expanding city in the Midwest, as well as a fairly affordable place to visit. Combine that with a conveniently-located international airport, this lively city is often the preferred destination for business conferences and trade shows. What better place for a professional corporate event planner!

#6: Jacksonville, FL

Beaches, golf, and a corporate stronghold make Jacksonville an ideal spot for many types of events. From destination weddings to trade shows, Jacksonville’s economy is on the rise, so it’s a great place to start a new event planning business. Set up near one of the many seaside hotels for wedding planning services!

#5: San Antonio, TX

Home of the Alamo, San Antonio is a wonderful city to put down roots and start a career. Its diverse culture, centuries of history, and warm climate also make it an ideal tourist destination for Americans and international travelers alike. A bustling downtown core hosts plenty of businesses and potential clients for the aspiring corporate planner.

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#4: Charleston, SC

Charleston is exactly the kind of city that screams “destination wedding” to many clients from all over the world. Cobblestone streets, the French Quarter, and Charleston Harbor are the ideal backdrop for some truly memorable and magical wedding photos. Located right on the coast, there’s plenty for out-of-town guests to do, leading up to the big day. Charleston expects to see a massive increase in employment over the next year, so it’s the perfect time to start a business in this area.

#3: Baltimore, MD

Good morning, Baltimore! This city’s booming economy makes it a textbook location for a new business in 2020. Thanks to its prime location just outside of D.C., and the historic seaport on the river, you’ll be able to plan lavish private events, luxury weddings, parties of every theme, and more! The possibilities are endless in a city like Baltimore, and there’s plenty of business to go around.

#2: Columbus, OH

Larger companies are moving into Columbus and bringing their employees with them. The Columbus job market is looking to be red hot in 2020, so there will be plenty of work for ambitious event and wedding planners.  Bonus points: It’s a beautiful city packed with diverse culture, rich history, and a small-town feel.

#1: Chattanooga, TN

Wait, where? 

Chattanooga is a small-ish town in Southern Tennessee that features absolutely breathtaking sights, landmarks, and history.  Its economy is expected to skyrocket in the next few years, which means it’s a perfect time to launch a new business in the area! Whether you sell picturesque destination weddings in the Smoky Mountains, or event management services to the companies that are bound to start cropping up in the area, Chattanooga is the place to be in 2020!

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I know this list is a little unconventional, but it just goes to show that you can launch a new event planning business in pretty much any city – as long as you do your research and are creative with your business model!

So… Where do you plan to start your business?

What ARE the best bigger cities to work as an event and wedding planner? Check out this list to see our Top 6!

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