QC Event School’s Top 10 Event and Wedding Planning Articles of the Last Decade

Happy New Year, planners! While we’re already welcoming 2020 with open arms, we wanted to take one last trip down memory lane, and commemorate the past decade’s 10 most popular Pointers for Planners blog articles. These are the best of the best, so they’re definitely worth the read!

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10. Stocking Your Event Planner Emergency Kit (2014)

Nothing stresses out a client more than when things unexpectedly start to go wrong on the day of her big event. Luckily for her, though, she has you – and you’re truly a miracle worker. Her fairy godplanner, if you will. But instead of a magic wand that turns pumpkins into carriages, you’ve got your trusty event planner emergency kit on-hand for just the occasion!

While you may not be capable of putting out every fire that may occur (hey, you’re only human), so long as you always have the essentials outlined in this article, you’ll be best prepared for whatever may happen.

9. 5 Fall Wedding Planning Tips (2018)

Fall weddings are rising in popularity, and rightfully so! As a wedding planner, a fall wedding is practically a goldmine of opportunity for you. From seasonal décor, to locations, to the floral arrangements, there are endless ways to take advantage of what autumn can offer and work it into the event. Check out this handy article if you want 5 creative tips to make it a day your client will never forget!

8. Don’t Overlook These Millennial Wedding Trends (2016)

We don’t think it’s a far-off assumption that millennials can sometimes be easily dismissed, as can their ideas. But they shouldn’t, because the younger generations have proven time and time again that they’re brimming with ground-breaking ideas. This is a fantastic read that explores 9 innovative, practical, and responsible trends for millennial weddings. As a wedding planner, many (if not all) of these ideas will have you jumping with excitement!

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7. 7 Wedding Traditions that Need to Die (2017)

On the other end of the spectrum, however, there are certain wedding trends that have simply become outdated. Some are archaic and offensive; others are downright unhygienic. While they may have worked for their time, they just don’t have a place anymore in today’s weddings. Are there any you find yourself disagreeing with? Let us know in the comments!

6. 8 “Fake” Fingers Foods to Avoid Serving at Your Events (2018)

When it comes to food, it’s hard to imagine anything ever being a bad choice to serve at an event. After all, food is food, and food is delicious. But alas, that’s where you’d be wrong. There are, in fact, many ways to hinder an event’s catering – and it all boils down to the convenience it provides the guests. This article recommends 8 not-so-finger foods that you’re best to avoid serving to both your client and her guests. (We’ll be honest: we weren’t expecting to see puff pastries on this list, but after reading the article, we now get it!)

5. The 7 Worst Wedding Trends of All Time (2016)

Back with even more wedding trends to stay away from, this article delves deeper into 7 more traditions that have aged pretty terribly over the past decade. Whether they’re tacky (ahem, intentionally bad photoshopping) or distasteful (we’re looking at you, ‘groom-trapped-by-the-bride’ cake toppers), we can probably all agree that they need to go.

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4. 8 Etiquette Mistakes Your Event Planner Wishes You Knew (2017)

As an event planner, you know the types of guests guaranteed to give you and your client a headache on the big day. But have you ever been guilty of committing any of these event-attending sins? Maybe you showed up a little late, or worse, without even an RSVP. Maybe you’re that one person no one wants anywhere near the DJ, for fear of hearing the entire Jock Jams discography.

Either way, if any of these 8 etiquette mistakes rings true to you, you may want to step back and re-evaluate, lest you ever want to be invited anywhere again.

3. 7 Wedding Favors Guests Will Actually Use (2017)

We’re of the mind that no gift is truly a bad gift, since it’s coming from a good place. That being said, there are certain gifts your client can give her guests that will be more appreciated than others. (As much as your best friend’s boyfriend likes you, he isn’t going to want a coaster with a monogrammed photo of your and your husband’s faces on it.) Practical wedding favors are the way to go, so here are 7 of our best recommendations!

2. The Quick Guide to Floral Design for Event Planners (2017)

Just because you aren’t necessarily a florist doesn’t mean that you can’t know your way around floral design. In many cases, your client will be looking to you for help with this task, and you’ll want to give her what she’s looking for.

Even just understanding the basics will be enough to ensure that you know what to search for from different vendors, how pricing works, and which colors/types will go best with your client’s overall vision. For those of you looking for a quick (but thorough) crash course on floral design for beginners, look no further!

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1. 6 Things You Need to Know About Millennial Marriage Trends (2017)

This blog is the clear winner for most popular article of the decade, and it’s no surprise as to why! In the past, the rules surrounding the dos and don’ts of a wedding were pretty rigid, with very little room for flexibility or breaking out of the box.

These days, however, the rules have changed. Millennial marriage trends are, more often than not, throwing the old ways out the window and embracing an ‘anything goes’ mantra. No two weddings will be the same, and for a wedding planner, this is what keeps your job exciting! Times are ever-changing, and adapting is key – so make sure you know these 6 most important millennial marriage trends.

If the last decade was able to give us these gems, just wait to see what the 2020s will have in store! Is there anything in particular you’d like to read about? Just let us know in the comments!

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