Your Event Planning Career: How to Stay Motivated During COVID-19

Has your event planning career reached a bit of a stand-still, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you stuck in a rut and finding it difficult to complete your certification course(s)?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, the following video is for YOU!

Get Your Event Planning Career Back on Track!

Afton Romrell is a Student Ambassador of QC Event School. She is also a graduate of QC’s Event & Wedding Planning and Event Decor programs. Today, she’s here to discuss her Top 6 tips for finding (and staying) motivated while working through your schooling – and while running your business!

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To Recap…

In this video, Afton begins by discussing the very important topic of mental health. Over the last year, mental health issues have increased drastically. Of course, this is due to the pandemic, lockdowns, economical turbulence, etc. One thing many of us have all had in common is that our motivation has suffered in the wake of this new normal. Afton touches on why this is – and why it’s perfectly normal to feel this way!

Next, she delves into why it’s so important to NOT give up during this trying time. In this segment, she goes on to break down 3 critical tips for those currently enrolled in an event planning certification course. These 3 tips are:

  1. Participate on social media;
  2. Take your time;
  3. And celebrate after each session.

Afton then turns her focus to those who have already started their professional event planning career and run their own business. When it comes to staying motivated while running a business during the pandemic, Afton’s Top 3 tips are:

  1. Offer new options;
  2. Collaborate with vendors;
  3. And be willing to be flexible.

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Your Event Planning Career: The Importance of Proper Training

In the final section of Afton’s video, she talks about why professional certification training is so valuable. Furthermore, she touches on some of the most common perks of obtaining your wedding and/or event planning certification through a reputable online school.

Since Afton specifically discusses perks of enrolling with QC Event School, we figured we’d share some with you now! Here are just a handful of reasons why you should kick-start your event planning career by training with QC:

  • QC Event School has an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau!
  • All of our wedding and event planning certifications are internationally-recognized and approved by the International Live Events Association!
  • From Foundational courses to Advanced and Specialty programs, QC’s wide variety of courses are perfect for ANY kind of event planner!
  • The learning environment is 100% online and self-paced. Thus, you can complete your studies from anywhere and on your own schedule!
  • You’ll be paired with a tutor who’s a legitimate industry expert with decades of experience!
  • Receive a digital AND physical copy of your course materials!
  • Get thorough audio feedback from your tutor after each unit!
  • Scenario-based assignments will challenge you to hypothetically navigate real-world situations and research real vendors in your local area. As a result, you’ll be better prepared when your event planning career begins!

Start your event planning career today and graduate in as little as 3-6 months by enrolling with QC Event School today!

2 responses to “Your Event Planning Career: How to Stay Motivated During COVID-19”

    Carli Lewis says:

    I just love this Afton!! Thank you again for being so vulnerable about the troubles of mental health that we as a world are experiencing through this pandemic and when trying to progress in your career and life! You’re amazing!!

    Thank you for your vulnerability Afton!! It’s nice to have some tips in navigating the pandemic. I haven’t found myself in a place to post and celebrate as of lately and I needed this reminder!

    #PlanningFamily! ❤️

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