It’s The Perfect Time to Become an Event Planner. Here’s Why!

Want to Become an Event Planner? Get Ready for The BEST News Ever!

It’s official: thanks to the massive rollout of vaccines seen all across the globe so far in 2021, the event and wedding planning industry is FINALLY returning to normal! This means that for anyone who wants to become an event planner, there’s no better time than NOW to make that dream a reality!

(Take a moment to pause, let this sink in, and then scream with excitement!)

Sure, we’re not quite at the finish line yet. But the chances of another wave are extremely low in most parts of the world, so long as people keep getting vaccinated, proper safety measures are respected, and re-openings are done with care. That’s a cause for celebration!

Why YOU Should Become an Event Planner Right Now!

The Stats Are In Our Favor

There have been an increasing number of statistics that support the claim that larger, in-person events are just around the corner. For example, back in February, an article written by the BBC reported that countless venues all across the country are already completely booked for the next two years! What’s more, the same trend is being seen in North America as well!

The reason? Namely, all of the event postponements and cancellations we saw in 2020. Take weddings as an example. Earlier this year, The Knot’s 2020 Real Weddings Study [COVID-19 Edition] determined that in 2020, only 32% of couples got legally married. Instead, a whopping 47% chose to postpone their nuptials to a later date – and for many of these couples, that meant moving their big day to 2021. Furthermore, of the people who did tie the knot in 2020, one third of them intended to have a “sequel celebration” the following year. Lastly, this study also concluded that, based on the numbers, approximately 43% of couples plan to celebrate their wedding in the second half of 2021.

TIME further substantiated these numbers in an article of their own, published at the end of May. In their own interview with Lauren Kay, executive editor of The Knot Worldwide, Lauren is quoted as saying: “We expect a 20% to 25% increase in weddings this year and into 2022, and we think about 47% of those 2021 weddings will be happening between July and October. We believe it’s going to be the biggest wedding year ever.”

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Want Even MORE Stats? We’ve Got ‘Em!

It’s not just weddings that appear to be getting back on track. According to Power Magazine, plenty of conferences intend to be held in-person this upcoming fall season. This fact has also been backed up by Occupational Health & Safety Online, which states:

“Three COVID-19 vaccines are now readily available to anyone over the age of 16 who wants one, cases are on a steady decline downwards, and the CDC has officially said that ‘fully vaccinated’ people can gather with other ‘fully vaccinated’ people without having to social distance or wear a face covering. With this news of vaccines, declining cases and vaccinated guidelines comes the news that some safety tradeshows are looking to return with in-person events this fall.”

Cities all around the world are also tentatively making plans for concerts and other outdoor festivities, to take place in the second half of this year. In Ottawa, Canada alone, CBC reported that music festivals – such as Ottawa’s CityFolk and RBC Bluesfest – will hopefully make their long-awaited return this fall. Of course, physical distancing measure and face masks will likely be mandated… But it’s still a MASSIVE win for the public!

In the United States alone, more than 140 million people are now fully vaccinated against COVID. As these numbers continues to rise, the limitations on in-person gatherings will only continue to decrease. As a result, the number of larger, in-person events will continue to go up!

So, What Does This Mean For YOU?

Basically, NOW is the time to become an event planner! In fact, this might very well be THE most advantageous time to kick off a career in the wedding and event planning field. All signs point to a MAJOR need for trained industry experts, as well as an unfathomable amount of client bookings in the VERY near future! Thus, you should absolutely be using now as the time to get educated, certified, and ready to hit the ground running.

After all, the future is coming… and it’s coming at a wicked speed!

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How Long Will It Take to Become an Event Planner?

Of course, the amount of time it’ll take you to complete your training, earn your certification, and become an event planner will depend on a few factors. For example, it’ll depend on:

  • Where you choose to get your training;
  • Whether you enroll in a self-paced or scheduled course;
  • How often your schedule allows you to work through your program;
  • Whether your course includes business training (to help you better understand how to get your career started and off the ground);
  • How motivated you are, etc.

But here’s what we CAN tell you: if you were to enroll with QC Event School, here is a general idea and timeline for when you can become an event planner…

Within 3-6 months, you can successfully graduate from your course. Within 1-2 weeks after that, you’ll receive your internationally-recognized certification in the mail. Depending on whether you start building your business during or following your training, you could be ready to book your first client as soon as you graduate!

Also, keep in mind that since QC Event School’s courses are 100% self-paced, you could very well graduate even sooner! It’s all a matter of how much time YOU can devote to your studies each week! Realistically, you could very well become an event planner and start booking clients by the end of this summer. And since there are a TON of events forecasted for the fall season, this means you’ll be entering the industry at a prime time!

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Become an Event Planner with QC Event School!

There are countless reasons why QC Event School is the perfect choice for anyone who dreams of becoming a wedding and/or event planner! On top of the self-paced training I mentioned above, here’s a handful of a few other amazing perks:

  • QC has been a proud pioneer of distance learning since 1984!
  • Moreover, we hold a strong A+ ranking with the Better Business Bureau AND we’re recognized by the International Live Events Association (ILEA)!
  • We offer a wide variety of certification courses, which you can read all about here!
  • Countless students and graduates of QC Event School have gone on to have successful, lucrative careers!
  • We offer competitive tuition rates, affordable payment plans, and monthly promotional offers!
  • When you enroll, you’ll get a full 2 years to complete your training from the comfort of home!
  • Furthermore, you’ll be paired with a tutor who’s a legitimate industry expert!
  • After every unit of your course, your tutor will provide you with extensive, personalized audio feedback to help you become the event planner you want to be!
  • Upon graduation, we’ll mail you a physical copy of your internationally-recognized certification, which you can then add to your resume and proudly display for clients!

Want to get an even better feel for QC Event School by connecting with real students and alumni? Click here to join our free Virtual Classroom on Facebook for a 2-weel trial!

Become an event planner and launch the career of your dreams by starting your training with QC Event School today!

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