Luxury Wedding Planning Interview with Candice

Luxury Wedding Planning Course Sneak Peek

We asked luxury wedding planning expert and QC tutor, Candice Coppola, how she stays on top of trends. And she reveals the best secret!

The key is to make trends of your own. You can look to many places to get inspiration like fashion or interior design magazines. Sometimes inspiration comes from a particular dress or a single plate!

As you grow as an event planner, you should focus on your own signature style that should be present in every event you do. Eventually, you’ll have clients that have specifically chosen you because they love YOUR style and want it for their special day.

Remember to keep your creativity flowing by subscribing to different types of magazines, following online blogs, and even visiting art museums!

We’d love to know! Where do YOU look to for inspiration for your decor designs? Leave a comment below!

2 responses to “Luxury Wedding Planning Course Sneak Peek”

    Lauren Spingola says:

    i just signed up for the wedding and event planning course. What’s the difference between that and the luxury wedding Planning course?

    Ana Scholtes says:

    Thanks for your comment, Lauren and welcome to QC! 🙂 Luxury Wedding & Event Planning is a specialization course for continued education (it is highly recommended to have taken the Event & Wedding Planning course, or to have relevant work experience, to take this specialized course). The Luxury Planning course focuses on planning upscale weddings, parties, meetings, and other celebrations, dealing with large budgets and clients with big expectations. You can learn more about this course here.

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