Trend Alert! Wedding Proposal Planning

The wedding industry has grown to new heights. Wedding planners, once considered a novelty for high profile weddings, are practically a necessity today. In fact, planners are being hired for other wedding-related events like bridal showers and engagement parties as well.

Smart wedding planners are always looking for new ways to expand their services. If you’ve been thinking about planning more than just weddings, consider the latest trend: wedding proposal planning!

Where did wedding proposal planning come from?

Proposal planning isn’t just a scheme to get more money. In fact, it was started by wedding planners witnessing the stress clients experience trying to secretly organize the perfect proposal while also juggling their daily routines.

If you’re a wedding planner working in an area where hiring a planner is common, you’re probably in a good position to offer wedding proposal planning. Have you noticed the elaborate proposal trend taking your city by storm? Do affluent clients often hire you for wedding-related events beyond just their ceremony and reception? If the demand is there, consider diversifying your skills to include wedding proposal planning.

What do wedding proposal planners do?

Planning a proposal is different than coordinating an engagement party or wedding. After all, you have to keep it secret from the client’s partner!

Proposals are very personal. They often involve nostalgic references, special places, and personal touches. How can a stranger plan such an intimate experience? Here’s how you can organize the day professionally without losing the personal touch.

Conducting a detailed interview

Cater each proposal to that couple specifically. A detailed interview or questionnaire should be your first step. Without prying, get to know the client and their partner as well as possible. Have the client tell you about their likes, dislikes, careers, hobbies, passions, and all about their relationship.

Working closely with the proposing partner

Take the stress and responsibility from the client, but work very closely with him or her throughout. Even though you’re coordinating the details, the client still approves each step of the process to keep the proposal fit for their partner.

Event Planner Jobs- Meeting with client for wedding planning proposal

Getting friends and family involved

What’s more personalized than getting family and friends in on the secret? Proposals are mostly about the couple, but having family and friends behind the scenes to witness the moment, give congratulations, or even help pop the question can make the moment more heartfelt.

Investing their full attention

Clients who plan proposals alone have to juggle their plans, their job, and keeping the proposal a secret. You, on the other hand, can give it your undivided attention, decreasing the chances that something will go wrong.

Coordinating elaborate experiences with minimal stress

Not every person has the time or resources to pull off an impressive flash mob wedding proposal. The more common such elaborate proposals become, however, the more pressure clients feel to give their partners a truly unique experience. You’ll give busy clients a chance to compete with the viral proposals of the Internet to make their partners feel special without becoming overwhelmed by planning details.

Documenting the entire experience

Intimate proposals involving just the couple are lovely, but unless the proposer hides a camera in the bushes, they’re not easily documented. You know the value of nostalgia and can ensure the surprise is caught on camera for the couple to relive whenever they please.

Types of proposals

You’ll work with clients in all states of organization. The best proposal planners offer packages that let the client keep some control for those who are up to the challenge and packages that take the full weight off the client’s shoulders for those who aren’t quite sure what they want or how to pull it off.

Custom proposals

Is your client keen to organize the proposal themselves, but having trouble thinking of unique ideas? Give them a personalized list created specifically for that couple based on a thorough questionnaire or interview. Don’t suggest ideas from a pre-made list. Provide custom options for the client to choose from, and advise them how to pull it off well.

Complete proposal packages

Is your client set on a special proposal with no idea what to do or how to do it? Create an ultimate package for people who can’t do it all around their busy schedule. Customize a proposal idea for their partner and coordinate the details entirely for a unique, glitch-free experience.

Wedding Planning- Proposal

Proposal consultations

Does your client have a great proposal idea, but they’re not sure exactly how to pull it off? Analyze their idea and guide them through the steps they should take to complete their vision.

How your services will benefit your clients

Proposal planners aim to:

  • Reduce stress for the proposer
  • Reduce the chance of ruining the surprise
  • Reduce the chance of mishap leading up to and during the proposal
  • Guarantee a special experience
  • Give couples a unique story to tell for years to come

You can achieve these goals by:

Giving guidance

Even if the client gave you complete control, keep them in the loop and consult them throughout. Their stress will only decrease if they know what’s going on leading up to the proposal.

Helping to keep things a surprise

While the client handles proposal jitters, you’ll help keep their plan under wraps. Nothing is worse than the client’s partner finding out about the proposal before you can pull it off.

Handling damage control

The client hired you to help them do things right. Coordinate each detail with care to minimize the chances of something going wrong. Remember: they only get one shot at the perfect proposal!

Building memories

Proposals might be a business for you, but you’re playing a key role in someone’s personal experience. Put your heart into it and give each proposal your full attention.

Becoming a wedding planner- proposal event planning

A secondary revenue stream

Not only will proposal planning liven up your routine and keep you from planning the same types of events repeatedly, it will also increase your profit and diversify your skills.

Adding a service as useful and popular as proposal planning is particularly lucrative. Because the idea is still quite new, you could be the first in your area to tap into that market. Proposal planning can also give you repeat clients. A couple who had an amazing proposal experience with you will probably return for your wedding planning services.

Planners will charge anywhere from $200 for a pre-made romance package to $2000 for a custom proposal organized entirely for the client. High profile planners might get clients who are so keen to make the day special that they budget $50,000 for a unique proposal, giving the planner a percentage. In addition to your wedding planning services, proposal planning is a profitable secondary revenue stream.

Care to learn more?

Proposal planning is more than just a trend; it’s a service that lets clients keep up with how marriage proposals have changed over time. You can expand your services, increase your profit, and play an even bigger role in giving your clients the experience of a lifetime. Clients can take advantage of the opportunity for a more stress-free and unique proposal than ever, building memories that they’ll value forever.

Have you ever considered offering proposal planning services? What are some other ways you’ve expanded your business? Let us know in a comment!

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