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Free Download: A Wedding Day Timeline Template

The timeline is one of the most important tools you’ll need to pull off a successful wedding. This is a document outlining everything you, your team, your clients, and your vendors will be responsible for on the day of the wedding. It keeps everyone on the same page and on schedule by breaking down each activity of the day.

Well before the day of the wedding, you should send a copy of your timeline to all those who will be involved on the big day. This includes any assistants you may have, the happy couple, the maid of honor and best man, and each of your vendors. The wedding timeline outlines when things start and end, and who’s completing the task. For example, the caterer will know at what time to arrive, when to set up, when to serve the meal, at what time to clean up, and when to leave. You can also, for instance, track the bride’s schedule by noting when she has to…

  • Get her makeup and hair done
  • Be dressed and out the door
  • Arrive to the ceremony
  • Walk down the aisle
  • Say “I do”
  • Get pictures taken
  • Arrive to the reception
  • Make grand entrance
  • Have first dance
  • Cut the cake
  • Leave for honeymoon
  • etc.
Wedding Day Timeline Template for Wedding Planners

So, are you convinced that the wedding timeline is an important tool and the key to your success? Perfect. To get you started off right, download this Wedding Day Timeline Template!

Using the template:

In the template, you should fill in your company’s name, your website address, your direct telephone number and email address in case anyone needs to contact you immediately, and any of your staff members who will be in attendance (this allows the vendors to know who else they can go to if you’re not available right away).

Also include the clients’ name, the wedding date, the guest count, the ceremony location, and the reception location, for obvious reasons.

To fill the template, you’ll indicate the time of the activity, specify the vendor or person completing the task, then briefly describe what the task consists of. For example, you may fill out the timeline like so:

Wedding Day Timeline for Wedding Planners to Follow

Remember to be specific but brief in order to make things simple and easy for everyone involved to understand. Knowing what their expectations are going in will be beneficial for everyone!

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