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INFOGRAPHIC: Event Planner Emergency Kit Shopping List

As an event planner, clients, vendors, and even their guests will look to you when an emergency arises. Whether a bride has spilled some of her dinner onto her dress, the draping on the walls keeps falling down, or the guest-of-honor has a wardrobe malfunction, you’ll be the go-to person to come up with a solution.

Check out this shopping list of things you should consider for your event planner emergency kit!

Event Planner Emergency Kit Infographic

Important Documents:

Having on hand important papers like the timeline of events and seating plan will help if, for example, the caterer forgets when the meal is supposed to served or guests can’t figure out where they’re supposed to be. Make sure you have contact numbers for all your vendors, your clients’ home and cell, and any family members involved. You may also want to have some backup contacts in case a vendor doesn’t show.


These are some things that you may need during set-up that your clients and their guests won’t see. This includes things like a backup USB flash drive with a copy of the slide show your clients want to play at the end of the night, or a lighter for those candles that are part of the event decor. Having items like a corkscrew or cable ties can save the day if someone forgets how, exactly, they’ll open all those bottles of wine, or if those tangled cables by the DJ booth are just too unsightly.

For Clients and Guests:

What happens if the groom gets nicked during the cake cutting, a bridesmaid is suffering from too much static cling, or the guests forget to protect their skin from the sun during the outdoor ceremony? Keeping a small first aid kit, dryer sheets, and sunscreen on hand will save the day. Hair products will keep your clients and guests looking their best and small snacks like granola bars come in handy if the dinner gets delayed.

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