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Top Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter weddings make for gorgeous pictures. The crisp, clear landscape, the faint sparkle of snow, and the rosy cheeks of each guest are things you just don’t get during the rest of the year. Winter weddings also require a special touch to pull off just right.

Check out these 10 tips for planning the perfect winter wedding!

1. Choose colors carefully

Colors are especially important for outdoor wedding photos. In the winter, snowy landscapes present a pretty but very neutral backdrop. Keep the following in mind when your bride consults you on color scheme for the bridal party:

  • A completely neutral palette might blend into the background in outdoor pictures. Dressing the wedding party all in light beige, for example, might wash them out.
  • Extremely bright colors will jump out against the clean white background. This can be a good thing depending on the bride’s preferences, but make sure to help your bride choose colors that will suit each person.

2. Layers are lifesavers

Especially if parts of the wedding take place outside, your wedding party will need to stay warm. The trick is to balance warmth with style. Your bride won’t be very happy with the pictures if the outfits she chose are covered with winter parkas. Dress the party in layers that help them stay warm and keep them fashionable. Consider:

  • Faux fur shawls
  • Matching tailored pea coats or blazers
  • Knitted cardigans in complementing colors
  • Knitted mittens or faux fur muffs
  • Pretty lace scarves and ear muffs

If the dresses are long, hide thick tights or long johns underneath for extra warmth!

Event Blog How to Get into Wedding Planning for Winter Weddings- Layers Outfit

3. Footwear is important

The guests, the wedding party, and even you will need footwear that is stylish and functional! Six inch heels won’t work well for the bridesmaids down an icy path from the car to the venue. Help your bride choose footwear that is fashionable but also warm and easy to walk in. Matching leather boots can look amazing in pictures.

4. The season is the theme

Winter weddings are a total package. Of course, your clients can choose any theme they want, but incorporating the season into the décor makes for a unique experience. It also lets you organize guest activities and snack ideas they won’t see during the rest of the year. Consider:

  • Décor that is glittered, delicate, and looks frosty to reflect the snow outside
  • DIY snacks like frozen molasses made on clean snow
  • A hot chocolate bar with delicious fixings

Think of creative ways to bring the outdoors inside so guests can enjoy what they love about winter without freezing!

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5. Flowers and bouquets

Harsh winter weather means less flowers in season. Your choices might be limited or, if your bride wants something particular, you might have to pay increased prices. Instead of stretching the budget or settling for flowers the bride isn’t keen on, consider these bouquet and décor alternatives:

  • Flowers folded from thick origami paper in different colors and patterns (these are best for indoors because snow and slush will ruin them).
  • Silk flowers can be very realistic looking. They’ll also last longer and withstand weather better.
  • Vintage brooches and bobbles with gems and rhinestones make for gorgeous bouquets and centerpieces. They add some sparkle and are fun to create.

Event Blog How to Get into Wedding Planning for Winter Weddings- Bouquets

6. Hot water bottles

Hot water bottles aren’t your average wedding staple, but they can be functional and decorative! Get DIY and knit adorable covers or put them in silk slips to complement the décor. Use them:

  • As props placed randomly throughout the venue for guests who feel a draft.
  • As party favors in guests’ seats in case they get chilly during dinner.
  • In place of bouquets for outdoor pictures! Tie dried flowers around the top and have the wedding party snuggle hot water bottles for cute intimate portraits that help them stay warm.

7. Lighting is essential

The sun goes down early in the winter and you’ll have trouble if you’re not prepared with lighting. Winter darkness is a great time for creative lighting options. Incorporate them into the theme with:

  • Twinkly white Christmas lights
  • Vintage lamps
  • Big church candles (always be careful with an open flame)
  • A warm fire in a grand fire place (again, safety first!)

Event Blog How to Get into Wedding Planning for Winter Weddings- Lanterns

8. Minimize travel

Winter is cold and wet. Formally dressed guests won’t enjoy walking in the wind and slush. Plan the ceremony and reception in the same venue or ones very close together. Make the trip between venues part of the experience by covering guests in blankets and whisking them away on horse drawn hay rides or sleighs.

9. Wedding insurance and backup plans

Smart wedding planners always prepare for the worst case scenario. Perhaps the biggest “what if” when it comes to winter weddings is the risk of a blizzard. Protect yourself and your clients in case of snow storms by:

  • Investing in wedding insurance. It’s an extra cost, but it will save money in the end of the wedding has to be moved or canceled due to weather.
  • Discussing this possibility with vendors right away. As long as there’s a prior agreement to do so, photographers, DJs, and videographers will let you reschedule at no additional charge as long as they’re available on the new date.

10. Take care of yourselves!

People get sick in the winter. Harsh weather dries out the hands, chaps the lips, and makes the hair full of static. Encourage the wedding party to take good care of themselves leading up to the wedding. Remind them to:

  • Use chap stick or lip balm
  • Use facial moisturizers
  • Use hand and body lotions
  • Avoid over-drying their hair
  • Eat well and take vitamin C
  • Get enough sleep

You can take care of guests at the wedding by giving customized lip balms as party favors, placing nice smelling lotion in cute pumps in the bathrooms, and making sure tissues are available for anyone with the sniffles.

The Bottom Line

Planning a winter wedding is a unique opportunity to get creative! You might have to reevaluate how you’d normally do things to account for weather, but remember to uphold the style, atmosphere, and quality of the event.

Take advantage of the opportunities winter weddings give you to build a fun experience that guests couldn’t have any other time of the year!

Event Blog How to Get into Wedding Planning for Winter Weddings

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