EVENT Client Series Part 1 (Feature)

What Trendy Clients Look for in a Wedding Planner and Decorator

Wedding planners and event decorators are experts at blending modern trends with timeless detail. The best planners are:

  • Versatile in their skills, even if they have a particular style or signature look
  • Able to analyze the clients’ tastes and determine whether traditional class or trendy uniqueness is more appropriate
  • Well-versed in the latest trends and styles (sometimes even before they take off!)
  • Great at balancing modern style with class so the wedding is fashionable without feeling gimmicky

The ability to organize a beautifully traditional wedding is proof of your professional training and thorough industry knowledge. Incorporating the latest trends, however, shows clients that your skills are up-to-date and exciting. Clients want their wedding to be:

  • Timeless enough for future generations to enjoy looking at their pictures in years to come
  • Unique enough to stand out against other weddings in their family or friend circle
  • Trendy enough to keep their guests interested
  • Fashionable enough to represent their current tastes and personal style

What are your trendiest clients looking for in a wedding planner? Read this list and evaluate whether clients will see these qualities in you!

1. A planner who stays ahead of the game

Being trendy is great, but staying ahead of the norm is even better! Trendy couples will love that you have your finger on the pulse of the latest fashions and style changes. They’ll be very impressed if your suggestions are related to what’s popular, but have a unique new twist that other planners haven’t caught onto yet. Keep up with what’s “hot” by:

  • Subscribing to popular blogs and magazines
  • Following wedding style and decor boards on Pinterest
  • Following reputable vendors and brands on social media to see their seasonal choices
  • Keeping an eye on what’s popular in your local area versus what planners in big cities across the world are doing

Event Blog- How to get into Wedding Planning- Keeping Up with Trends

2. A planner who can show them what they want

Marketing yourself a specific way might require new material. Perhaps you’d like to appeal to the trendiest clients in your area but your contract history hasn’t been quite as cutting edge as you’d like? Organize a styled shoot to show off your more modern style! Collaborate with other professionals who also want to showcase their unique fashion-forward skill. Consider working with:

  • Makeup artists
  • Hair stylists
  • Fashion stylists
  • Décor specialists
  • Models
  • Photographers

Coordinating a styled shoot gives you trendy portfolio content even if your past clients’ tastes were much more traditional. You’ll have full control over which trends your shoot includes and how creatively you incorporate them. For more information on organizing styled shoots, check out this post!

Event Blog- How to get into Wedding Planning- Working with Photographers

3. A planner who represents their style

Even simple things like the wording and photos you use on your website can make or break the image you want to build. For example, ornate patterns, neutral shades, and photos of high-class three course meals might communicate to clients that your style is vintage luxury. This isn’t to say that classic elements are automatically off trend! Research the language and imagery that blogs, websites, and magazines use to describe the style that you’re hoping to communicate. Pay attention to how they talk about the latest trends in:

  • Décor
  • Themes
  • Catering
  • Venues
  • Entertainment

Keep an eye on well known trendsetters and make sure your content is along the same vein without copying. Your goal is to be fashionable and unique, not to follow trends so closely that your material blends with everyone else’s!

4. A planner who embodies their message

Couples looking for trendy wedding planners probably enjoy following trends in their everyday lives too. You might find exceptions, but your client base will probably be:

  • Fashion-forward
  • Style-conscious
  • Ready to express their own tastes

Clients like working with planners they can identify with, so take care with your own style too! How you present yourself is part of communicating your brand. If you’re dressed poorly, clients might not believe you can coordinate a wedding that is the height of fashion.

Event Blog- How to get into Wedding Planning- Represent Your Style

5. A planner who sets the bar

Being fashion-forward in your planning style is great, but being a trendsetter is even better! With a little creativity and a sense of what people are into, you can set the precedent for wedding trends in your area. Do you have a creative idea for making a popular concept even more impressive? Put it into action and show your clients how great you are at customizing and thinking outside the box. In the future, their friends might come to you for planning after seeing the amazing things you did with the first stylish wedding.

Show them your style!

Young couples are particularly interested in hiring wedding planners who are trendy and fashionable just like them. Don’t dismiss older clients though! Couples marrying later in life, marrying for the second time, or renewing their vows often want something much different than the traditional celebrations they’ve seen before. Marketing yourself as a cutting edge planner will attract any client who is looking for the latest in modern trends. Show them why you’re their most stylish choice!

Event Blog- How to get into Wedding Planning- Show Them Your Style

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