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My Event Planning Goals for 2017!—Part Two

Earlier this month, QC tutor and business owner Regina Young gave us her top event planning goals and business aims for 2017. Now she’s following up with more advice on how to drive your business in the New Year.

I mentioned before how big I am on goal setting and accountability. For example, we have a year-end review at my company. As I did with previous companies I ran, I have the employees write their own review. We are always harder on ourselves when it comes to our abilities and accomplishments. It’s often hard to toot our own horns. It’s also a great exercise in self-awareness.

Event Planning Goals—Festive table

How often do we just take the time to reflect on where we started and where we have been? The question is always “Where we are going?”

So, if you completed the first step in goal-setting for 2016, then you have a fabulous list of how truly rad you are and you should be very proud! You have awesome oozing from your pores and everyone around you should be lucky to know you. Perfect!

Evaluate yourself

The next step is to evaluate all the actions that took place to accomplish all of those things. For example, our KNOT CHOICE AWARD. It is only given out to the top 5% in your category in your area. So, what did I do to get such fabulous reviews from our clients? What did my staff do that was so fantastic that it compelled so many people to write us a love note?

Once you answer these questions, you can set your sights on strengthening those efforts. Now look at what we could have done to get those people who did not leave us a review to act. Could we compel more of our clients to spread the word that we know how to rock their party?

Event Planning Goals—Table setting

Set targets!

Each are of your WINS should have a paragraph or so where you are asking yourself questions on how this moment in 2016 was made possible. Just as important to that is asking the harder question—I am awesome, but what more could have been possible?

Can you see how 2017 goals are going to just start flying off of the page? Setting targets will become easier as you have already demonstrated that you can do amazing things!

This is only the first step in charting the course of your upcoming year. Now put that list and your notes aside. The next step is where we get to dream a bit…

Think big

My intention this coming year is to begin formally setting the transition from successful wedding planner to wedding industry expert. People laugh when I say that. I am a tutor here, have mentorships, and of course execute elaborate events throughout the West Coast. But my goal is to complete my E-book and start doing more speaking engagements in 2017.

What are your big goals?

Ones seemingly unrelated to the 2016 WINS you have had. Do so for every area of your life just as we did in the reflection portion of this process.

Can you see a road map being created?

Inspired to pursue your own goals? Take a look at QC’s collection of event planning courses and find one that’s right for you!

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    Suhair albadawi says:

    Hi …..how are you
    I am from jordan
    I just want to know how much does this course cost please ….if I came to usa and take this course please
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    Katie Deck says:

    Hi Suhair,

    Thank you for your question! You can find the fees for each individual course on this webpage: https://www.qceventplanning.com/online-event-courses/. We also have flexible payment plans available which you can find more information on here: https://www.qceventplanning.com/tuition/. Please contact us if you have any other questions – we’re happy to help!

    The QC Team

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