Weddings traditions to break and creative ways to break wedding planning rules

Wedding Planning Rules that are Meant to be Broken

There is no denying that traditions are a main component when it comes to planning a wedding, but the famous quote “rules are meant to be broken” also holds an important place in the wedding planning industry.

Every couple hopes for a one-of-a-kind wedding that is as unique as their relationship- and you’re going to have to think outside the box to make this dream come true. Have no fear; we have put together a list of key rules that are meant to be broken in order to inspire all the wedding planners out there!

You must have a cake

Yes, wedding cakes can be stunning, but cupcakes have their advantages too. Cupcakes are cheaper, easier to transport, can be beautifully decorated, allow you to have multiple flavors, can be arranged in tiers, are not as messy, and extras can be sent home as wedding favors. Alternatively, you can use a small cake for the cake-cutting photo op, and feed your guests cupcakes or other types of desserts.

Formally written invitations

You’ve known your best friend for years and probably have hundreds of nick-names for them—so why address them as “Ms. Smith” on the wedding invitation? For close friends, get creative and throw that formal etiquette out the window!

Maccaron wedding dessert instead of a wedding cake

For an updated approach, you can scrap the idea of written invitations completely, and send invitations via email instead—a more efficient and green alternative.

The long, white wedding gown

Wearing anything but a long, white wedding dress was completely unheard of 20 years ago, but has now become a not-so-rare occurrence. Brides are beginning to change up the color and cut of their dresses to add personality and flare. This also provides a great way for a bride to incorporate the wedding theme into her dress. Having a rustic-themed wedding? Maybe try a fun, knee-high, lace dress.

Reasons for seeing the bride before the wedding ceremony

Seeing the bride for the first time at the ceremony

There is a superstition that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the ceremony, which many couples are choosing to ignore. This can be for many reasons: wanting the first glance to be a private and intimate experience or snapping some pictures while the bride’s hair and makeup are still fresh.

All bridesmaids must wear the same dress

Your bridesmaids have agreed to be there for you on your big day, so why force them to spend a boat-load of money on a dress they may not ever wear again? By allowing them to pick a dress that works for their bodies (you can still provide some guidelines like color or length), your bridesmaids will feel more comfortable dancing the night away at your reception party.

Strict seating

Traditionally, seating at the ceremony is split—bride’s guests on the left and groom’s guests on the right. It is not uncommon to have an unequal amount of guests, so why not allow guests to sit where they please? You may also consider leaving the theatre-style seating arrangement entirely behind. Lounge-style seating, especially for outdoor receptions, has recently become quite popular.

Wedding seating plan ideas without a bride and groom side

Honeymooning right away

The wedding day can be an exciting but is also a very busy day! Sometimes couples prefer to escape to the comfort of their own home before heading out on a long voyage. Another thing to consider is the flexibility this provides—there may be a drastic difference in airfare a week or two after the wedding.

However, there is one rule that should never be broken: plan a wedding whichever way your clients want—it’s their special day!

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