Guide to using nostalgia marketing for your event business

Nostalgia Marketing 101

There’s always one way to dig deep down into our hearts. That, my friends, is what everyone knows as “nostalgia”. We’re all familiar with it—it dawns on us when we see an old grade school pal or when we finally pack up our childhood bedrooms after many years have passed. It’s the feeling of pure, sentimental, and innocent nostalgia.

So…why are we bringing it up here?

A new marketing style based on fond memories of the past is known as “nostalgia marketing” and it’s taking the business world by storm. With nostalgia marketing techniques, you can tap into any generation’s emotions to get them on board with your products and services.

And that is why we’re telling you how to use nostalgia marketing to boost your event planning business!

Disclaimer: QC Event School advises that you do not use any copyright images, videos, or other media for your marketing campaigns without proper permission from the owner(s).

Nostalgia marketing strategies for your business

What exactly is nostalgia marketing?

It’s a strategy using trends and ideas from the past to create nostalgia and market current products. Think of your favorite song from the 9th grade. Now can you really tell us that if that song (let’s say it’s JT’s Cry Me a River, just for fun) started playing in a TV ad for a new perfume, you wouldn’t be the least bit intrigued?

And that’s exactly the point! By using past pop culture (songs, movies, products, etc.) in ads you create intrigue around your marketing campaign. People want to reconnect with the feelings they had when they were younger, when everything was easier, when we didn’t have to worry about paying rent and bills to survive…

Incorporating trends from the past into your business marketing strategy reaches across generations, and that’s part of what makes it so effective for bringing buyers in. It’s different from the usual marketing tags like “Don’t miss out!” or the classic “Everyone has one”—the industry tugs on a new heartstring, and I dare say, it’s working.

Nostalgia comforts us when we’re heading into an uncertain future which is why it’s such a successful way to market your business! Need some visuals on how nostalgia marketing works? Check out these clever examples of marketing campaigns. Just don’t laugh-cry all the way through like we did…

How to use nostalgia marketing for a wedding planning business

How you can use it:

There’s many possible ways to incorporate nostalgia marketing into your advertising campaigns. Even if you’re just using social media to start up your business, here’s a few key ways that you can peak customers’ interest by using nostalgia!

Throwback-themed Events

By hosting your own or planning them for clients, throwback-themed events always draw a crowd! Consider planning an 80s-inpired dance or a 1920s bar theme for a stag and doe. Use social media to get your event trending—#TBT!

Video Clips

If you’re tech savvy and like to use media to promote your business, consider creating video ads using retro ideas. For example, old videos of yourself or past events shows off an ever-growing and trustworthy business. Take a peek at this ad that uses evolving technology to demonstrate how long the business has been around!

If you have old home videos that you can relate to your business now, try using them as a cute and easy way to personalize your ads. You’ll spark memories for customers and bring in clients who feel an emotional attachment to you and your business.


Using nostalgia for your business can be as simple as using a retro font or image! A remodeled ad from way back when gives your business a clever marketing strategy. Think about posing like Rosie the Riveter for your ads to show that you’re a true #girlboss with a thriving business! Or, use an old photograph that inspires clients of your generation to choose your business. Remember, creating emotional links between people is why nostalgia marketing works so well!

Creating an event planning business logo using nostalgia marketing strategies

Know Your Target Audience

Reaching out to every generation is a hard feat to master in nostalgia marketing. The best way to start out in your ads is by analyzing your client base. Who are the majority of your clients? What age gap do they fit into? What were the popular trends of their childhood?

Of course, it’s easier to get ideas when you’re from the same generation as your target audience—you know exactly what will grab their attention! But if you’re trying to attract older or younger clients, do some research to see what products and references will spark fond memories for them.

Testing out new marketing strategies is creative and exciting—changing your business style to target new clients is a great way to expand your customer base. We’re not saying you need to reinvent the wheel—nostalgia marketing does exactly the opposite! Adding a modern twist to old trends inspires clients to reconnect with their former selves!

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