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4 Skills You NEED to Become an Event Planner

In order to become an event planner, you’ll need some topnotch professional skills. Wondering what it takes to get into event planning? In this post, we’re guiding you through the 4 most important skills you need to master to be successful in the event industry. Don’t stress—you probably already have a few of these skills!

But, you do need to constantly evolve your skills in event planning—so sit back and let us show you a few tricks on how to build your professional skills!


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Easily THE most important part of becoming an event planner—you need to be organized! There’s no way you’ll survive planning a large event if you don’t keep track of meetings and conversations. Luckily, there’s a quick fix for becoming an organized person: just buy yourself a daily planner! Jot down important notes, star key dates, and be on time for every meeting from now on.

Once you start planning, you’ll need quick and easy access to all of your event information. From vendors to guests to décor, you need everything on file. Google Drive will be your new best friend as an event planner (and it’ll help your business go green!). A helpful hint: use separate agendas for personal and business-related tasks. Having visual calendars and detailed notes on-hand will make your planning process so much easier!


In any job, you need to communicate with your team. But for an event planner, this is absolutely crucial! If you’re unable to communicate with your clients or vendors, then you’re in for a rough ride. Event planning gets right down to the nitty-gritty details of décor, guests, table settings, catering, floral arrangements, accommodations…it literally never ends. Needless to say, if any little detail falls through the cracks due to bad communication, you’ll be kicking yourself the day of.

Building your communication skills will save you a lot of heartache AND make your business run smoothly. A simple trick to good communication? Write down bullet points of important conversations with clients and other professionals. You’ll also have a record of your conversations to refer back to. Although you might have a great memory, writing things down is the way to keep details from slipping.

Basically, an event planner should always have a notebook and pen at the ready!


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Working with other professionals will be a constant in your event planning career, so you need to know how to work well with others. This comes down to delegating tasks and understanding what other people want. If you have a small team to work with make sure everyone is clear about their responsibilities for the event. Don’t forget that your event team includes vendors, too! You need to be professional and easy to work with—you don’t want to lose a great vendor because of a bad day.

Just as well, knowing what your vendors and clients actually mean is key. Study up on your event planning lingo so you always know what other industry pros are referring to! More than this, be clear with your clients about their vision and the reality of what their event plans will look like. It may depend on budget or availability, but letting your clients know exactly what you can do for them leaves no room for error. As a professional, your clients will love your ability to listen to what they want and deliver on promises.


When it comes to being an event planner, having an eye for color gives your event business a unique boost! Showing off your personal creativity will help build your brand name and put you in demand. By adding color or DIY décor, your events stay original—even by just putting a twist on old designs!

Your creativity will always be challenged as an event planner. It’s important to stay up-to-date on industry trends and know who your competition is. Most clients want event designs that are somewhat classic, but always memorable. Flex your creative muscles, get some Pinterest inspiration, and design your client’s dream event!

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