Choosing an online event planning class to become a certified planner

Which Event Planning Course Is For You?

Becoming an event planner can be simple, but choosing your specialty? That’s a challenge. From events to weddings to luxury clients, the industry has a variety of fields to work in. Luckily, we’re giving you a quick guide to finding the course that best suits your career goals!

If you want to start your own event business or work for a venue or company, the right event course will help you gain the skills you need. You can even advance your current training to increase your client base or to give yourself a new challenge. There’s always more to learn in the event industry!

How to become a wedding planner online

Wedding Planning Course

Planning weddings is a challenge in itself, so learning how to plan them correctly is a huge advantage—you definitely don’t want a couple’s day to be ruined by bad planning! If you’re interested in solely focussing on weddings, this course will provide you with everything you need.

In the wedding planning course, you’ll learn how to handle budgets, timelines, and obtain business training for starting up your own wedding planning business. You need to know how to work with reputable vendors, which will make your wedding run smoothly! Plus, you’ll need training in wedding variations from culture to religion. Knowing your wedding planning lingo will make you a top industry contact in on time!

Event Planning Course

If you’re interested in planning fun events for companies, businesses, or regular clients, you’ll learn all you need to know in QC’s online event planning course! This course teaches you how to plan events effectively, and guides you into the industry if you’re looking to start your own business. With this course, you have the potential to find a job as an event planner with a big corporation. You could be planning incentive trips, company galas, and many more exciting events!

Event and Wedding Planning Course

Since we’ve already given you a rundown of the event planning and wedding planning courses, we’ll be brief with this one. Basically, if you’re looking to build skills in event and weddings then this course is your best bet! Choosing this course gives you well-rounded knowledge of the event planning industry and strategies to use for planning regular events as well as dreamy weddings!

Become a luxury wedding planner with your online wedding certification

Luxury Weddings and Events Course

Now, this course is extremely exciting—but it’s also a specialization! That being said, you’ll need to train as an event or wedding planner before you jump into this course. Without prior event training, you won’t know half the things your teachers are talking about in this course (yikes!).

Don’t worry though, if planning luxury weddings is your dream then we’ll get you there in no time. With this specialty course, you’ll learn how to plan the perfect luxury event. From working with high-profile and demanding clients to planning out large budgets, you’ll be creating over-the-top events for your business!

Destination Wedding Course

Probably the most coveted job for wedding planners! Giving clients their dream destination wedding is a huge bonus to becoming a wedding planner. You get to travel, work in different locations, and learn new aspects of wedding planning you’ve never known! It’s an exciting industry that you should definitely look into once you’re a trained wedding planner.

Destination weddings are big during the winter—especially for tropical destinations! And really, who doesn’t want to visit a beautiful white-sand beach for their job? It is a bit tricky, planning out travel arrangements for guests, vendors, etc. but once you plan a wedding out-of-country, you’ll be an expert at coordinating plans.

Learn how you can create event decor with online event planning classes from QC Event School

Event Décor Course

The event décor course is perfect for those event or wedding planners who want to advance their skills in décor and design. Creating the perfect event presentation is always a top priority, so mastering color schemes and décor trends will keep your business thriving! Boost your creativity by learning more about popular décor and creating a gorgeous event!

Have you found your perfect fit? Take a look at all of the online event planning courses offered by QC Event School!

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