Romantic Valentine's Day party ideas for event planners and wedding planners

6 Romantic Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Hosting a Valentine’s Day party this year? Don’t default to the same-old boring Valentine’s trends! Get creative with these romantic event ideas. Put a spin on old favorites to keep your events trendy and entertaining.

Your guests will be thrilled by your unique party planning skills—and you’ll keep clients coming back for more!

A Candlelight Soiree

Candlelight Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Event Planners

A simple and elegant Valentine’s Day party idea. Planning a candlelight dinner with friends and loved ones will amp up everyone’s Valentine’s Day plans! Not only is this ultra-romantic for couples, but it gives singles the chance to spend time with friends without feeling like they’re intruding on the evening. A classy dinner by candlelight combined with good conversation is perfect for those who like low-key romance!

Hosting a candlelight soiree is appropriate for any client’s Valentine’s Day party. From close friends to a classy office gathering, a tasteful meal among friends relieves some of the pressure from the “Valentine’s Day ideal” (as we like to call it).

A Big Skate

If you’re looking to plan a fun and lively Valentine’s party for your client, look into booking a skating rink. With this activity, your clients get to spend time with their partners in an out of the ordinary environment. Whether your clients are good at skating or not, they’ll definitely enjoy gliding around with their partner, hand-in-hand! And don’t forget to book that photographer—this is the perfect opportunity for couples to get some super cute candid photos.

A String Quartet Mixer

Planning a Valentine’s Day party can be challenging if you’re trying to meet high expectations. Give couples a night to remember with a casual and romantic evening out! Plan a mixer with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres so couples can enjoy conversation with their SO and get to know new people. To keep it romantic, hire a string quartet to play soft background music to accompany the sweet conversations.

And you never know, it might just be the atmosphere where someone will propose

Gal Pal Glam Night

Galentine's girl glam night for a Valentine's party idea

For those who aren’t in a relationship come Valentine’s Day, it’s still important to spend time with your loved ones! Organize a gal pal event for friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Tell the girls to get glammed up and plan a fancy dinner with drinks. It’s important to appreciate our friends, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do so. For the girl who’s in a long-distance relationship to the girl who just doesn’t want a partner, everyone loves the chance to spend time with their best friends!

A Chocolate Trade

You can go about this one multiple ways, but the idea behind a chocolate trade is this: invite guests for a Valentine’s Day party where they bring a selection of chocolates, and trade off with someone else! In the end, everyone ends up with a delicious box of chocolates—who doesn’t like that?

For a larger Valentine’s Day event, use the Secret Santa premise. Everyone brings a box of chocolates (wrapped) and each person gets to select the box of their choice. Then, unwrap and enjoy!

If you want to make your event more intimate, ask couples to select a box of chocolates for their partner and trade at the party. It can be their all-time favorite or something new to try, either way it’s an exciting surprise for your guests!

A Wine Tasting

Planning a wine tasting for a Valentine's Day party

Wine tastings are always classy, so it’s absolutely perfect for a Valentine’s Day event! Plan your party at a vineyard, or purchase a selection of different wines for everyone to taste. This is great for both large and small parties, singles and couples, friends and family! Create an enjoyable Valentine’s Day for everyone that comes with the perk of finding their new favorite wine (and a few extra snacks)! Just make sure no one goes overboard with the tasting…

No matter what you choose to do for your Valentine’s Day event, get a sense of who the guests are so you can personalize the activities. After all, Valentine’s Day is about caring for others and feeling special. Make your guests feel welcome and give them a sensational night!

Planning a Valentine’s Day party on short notice? Don’t stress—get all the tips you need for a last minute dinner party!

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