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How to Boost Your Salary with Event Planner Training

Event planners can make a pretty penny when they have the right training. So, why not boost your knowledge (and salary) by learning the ins and outs of planning any event!

Having a wide range of planning skills will determine just how much you can make as an event planner. You’ll be the local favorite for any client, and you’ll be a growing expert in the industry. Looking for ways you can increase your earning potential? Find out how you can boost your salary with a few event planning tricks!

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Expand Your Expertise

Of course, the best way to earn more as an event planner is to offer more services! When you can provide specialized service to your clients, you become a) more competitive, and b) more profitable!

Not every event planner focusses on more than one niche—usually professionals find the industry they like and stick to it. But if you’re able to expand your knowledge to various types of events (and the different considerations for each), you’ll put your business in demand. For example, specializing in destination weddings gives you a step up over other planners. Clients don’t always know the difference between planning a local wedding and planning a destination wedding, so take this opportunity to market your skills!

Plus, if you can attest to training for cultural and religious events you’ll be ahead of the game. Expanding your target audience will help give you experience with new clients and with unique events. Even themed events can give you some creative ideas!

Get Featured

A huge benefit for your event planning career is being featured in a magazine or online where you’ll be noticed. If you can get your work featured, you’ll have proof that you are a credible and professional event planner.

And, with your event planner training, you have access to a tonne of resources that show you how to promote yourself. Being featured on our blog, for instance, will give you a chance to showcase your event designs and discuss your career! Guest blogging is an easy way to reach out and get yourself featured.

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Find Your Niche

Although we like the idea of expanding your services, you also should focus on which projects give you the most satisfaction. Working with various events is great for start-ups and new planners since you learn so much. Yet, once you find the kind of event you really love to plan (and are good at planning!) you can become an expert in that area.

Clients will go to you for their weddings, or corporate events, or milestone parties. Whichever niche you find yourself drifting towards, plan those events with every ounce of passion you have! Choosing one area to conquer takes determination—so plan, practice, and become the top event planner in town!

Present Your Work

As an event planner, you know how important your professional portfolio is for earning contracts. So, why not use your coursework to give your portfolio a boost?

When you finish your practical assignments, or are struck by inspiration and create a beautiful design, be sure to photograph it! Take a high quality photo of your design from multiple angles, and voila—add it to your portfolio. Taking close-up shots of centerpieces and décor is a great addition to show your style. Plus, you can keep your DIY décor projects on file in your portfolio for when you work with a budget-friendly client!

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Be Self-Employed

One of the most valuable things you’ll gain from your event planner training—business skills! With additional business units, you learn how to start up and run your own business. I mean, who doesn’t want to be their own boss?

Running a business takes a lot of accountability, organization, and dedication. With some hands-on business training built right into your course, you’ll have the knowledge to either start your own business or work with business-oriented clients! Without a doubt you’ll be their number one choice as a planner. After all, you have the know-how for marketing a brand!

In order to get the most out of your training, keep your course texts and all of your work at hand. Going back to refresh your memory and having work to show your clients will give you that extra air of professionalism. Proving your expertise will never be easier—and clients will be lining up to book your services!

Ready to take that next career step? Check out how you can expand your expertise as an event planner with exciting hands-on training!

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